A Christmas Break

Can you guys believe it's almost Christmas?

I sure can't.

Truthfully, it just doesn't feel like it's nearly Christmas to me right now, and I know there are many reasons for that.

What are my reasons for not feeling the 'Christmas spirit', you ask?

Well most of it, I believe, is stress. Like, seriously, I can't even enjoy my favorite time of the year because I've been so nervous and panicky and UGH.

I'm feeling this way because of many reasons, the biggest one being the deadline to have my messy book clean and edited in fifteen days for a full review of it. Now, this is a really big thing, and it wouldn't be so hard if it wasn't the first in a three book series, so there's all of these things I need to add/take away/rethink because they just didn't end up fitting the rest of the plot that I created months later.

Other reasons I'm stressed out is because I haven't been keeping up with my posts on here, and the same with my own personal Journals that have been sadly abandoned for much to long.

So--after much consideration and many whale-like-moans, I have decided to not finish the edits for my book before the deadline. I REALLY want that review, but if it's causing me to not enjoy my Winter, and stress me out like it is and fry my brain and make me this aggravated with everything in my life, the best choice is to take it away. I will always have next year, so I've finally given myself permission to not let it hold that kind of power over me, and just have a while off, for once.

Also--I've decided to not pressure myself so much with this Blog and my Journals--just until after Christmas, I promise!

I don't think you know how much I love Winter--I spend all year waiting for this one time, and I feel like I'm missing all of it because I've taken on too much and chose to have all of this stress in my life, so I'm doing something I don't normally do, and I'm saying no. I'm getting rid of things that are stressing me out so that I can enjoy my life to the fullest.

I'll post when I can and when I WANT to, and I'll be back on track in January with new and exciting things!

Now, I am finally allowed to do the things I enjoy, instead of telling myself no because I reserved all of my time for editing!

I'm going to finally finish the final book in the Dragon Master Trilogy (and complete the second Kingdom Hearts game on the PS2 because, seriously, why not?)!

I hope you all are having a wonderful Winter full of peace and Christmas spirit, doing things you enjoy and surrounded by people who only make you happy!

The Dreaded Love-Triangles

Today I want to talk about, you guessed it:

The dreaded Love-Triangles!


But wait, because what I'm going to talk about is really incredibly interesting.

Okay--so we've all been taught to hate Love-Triangles, right?

Taught by who, you ask?

By Authors who, most of the time, screw them up and make us all growl and want to rip out the pages of the book.

In your mind, what does a Love-Triangle mean to you?

It means where a character (Usually female because reasons), has the same feelings of love for two separate people., right?

But not all of them have to be that dramatic "Oh but I love him but OH I love him more and". No. Get that out of your head. 'Love-Triangles' are just like your characters or your setting or your plot--it is a part of the story that, if not done properly, will surely make you want to destroy everyone in your book.

Now, like it or not, over half of the things you watch and read today have at least ONE Love-Triangle involved.

Sorry to say, but it's the truth.

Of course there's Twilight (This is my least favorite Love-Triangle in anything. Ever.), but there are many more in places you wouldn't necessarily think to look. I'm going to list a few of the ones right off the top of my head, and if recognize any of them, feel free to ponder on it:

  • Clary, Jace and Simon from City of Bones. This one was brief, and I thought it was incredibly crappy, but it's still there, none the less.

  • Katniss, Peeta and Gale from the Hunger Games. Yes, as annoying as it is, there's a competition here.

  • Una, Peter and Indy from StoryBound. This one was not exactly able to develop as other one's might, considering it was a MG book, but there were still technically two love interests involved. 

  • Alina, Mal and the Darkling from the Grisha Trilogy. This one was very unique, and I think it was well done.
I know there are many, many more out there, but this is all I can list right now. Can you think of anymore?

Now--while all of these have the same idea of the Love-Triangle, each one is completely different from the last. I told you before--Love-Triangles is part of the story, too.

Though Love-Triangles involve three people (Obviously), that doesn't necessarily mean that both options, if you will, have to be equal in the competition for the girls love. From a person's point of view with no opinion on either competitor, sure, they both have a fair shot. But if you actually read the book, then like it or not you will root for one other the other. It's just the way it goes, and is why we choose "teams".

A lot of Love-Triangles have reasons and motive and, no, the book couldn't be what it is without it.

One of the references for this is the Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare.

Sure, there's a bit of uncertainty with Tessa between Will and Jem, but I believe the Love-Triangle in this book was done beautifully, and it is actually what changed my view on hating Love-Triangles as a whole. I learned that they are more than just a random part of the story to get average teenage girls interested.

While most YA Love-Triangles are  petty and annoying, what with the one 'kind-hearted blonde guy' and the 'dark haired rogue', and ultimately I just what to stab my eyes with a fork, but some Authors have the ability to do them properly.

Love-Triangles are not for everyone to write, I'll tell you that. They're very easy to make too dramatic, or go overboard, or screw up, or. You get the point. But if you feel that you can serve it justice and balance the emotions? Go ahead and try it. You might like it!

In my opinion--if the Love-Triangle doesn't make the book better, and bring something that will lift, not tear down, the novel, it is unnecessary and should not even be there.

So--while Love-Triangles are complicated and risky, they're very realistic because, in real life, we don't meet one guy and think 'he's the one'. At first you're not sure about anything. It takes time to understand what love feels like, so I think, if you're going to have a Love-Triangle, don't drag it out through the entire book--or worse, the entire series. Oh gods, PLEASE don't do that.

If you spend that much time going back and forwards between two guys, you would figure out that you enjoy spending time with one over the other, thus letting you understand you actually love one more than the other. It's unrealistic and impossible to be THAT torn to carry on through an entire series--there comes a time to just say enough, alright?

I have a love/hate relationship with Love-Triangles, truthfully.

What about you? Have you ever written a Love-Triangle? Have you ever read about one?

Thanks for reading!

(And thanks, my sister, for pondering and studying Love-Triangles with me last night. Biscuit!)

Thank you, Viewers!

So--I'm aware I've been completely absent lately, as if I've been wiped off the face of the planet, but I am here to assure you that hasn't happened...

Or has it...?

But, anyway, I've just been busy with about every other thing on my life, and, sadly, Blogging has naturally taken the backseat when it comes to my top priorities.

This is, indeed, a pretty terrible thing, because I really enjoy rambling on here and what-not, but, alas, some things are just more important.

But; I have good news!

I'm planning something really exciting coming up before Christmas, and I will let you know exactly what after details are sorted, but I am incredibly excited for it, so I hope you will be, too!

I also have something else running through my thought processing, but it will take a while for me to sort THAT secret out.

When it comes down to it--I have MANY things planned, so that means MANY things for you to be excited about!

Before I hide away to plot my short Christmas story, I want to talk about YOU for a minute

Yes, YOU!

My wonderful viewers.

Sometimes I wonder why someone would want to read anything I write on here.

I'm just a really strange person who talks way too much, thinks way too much, and writes way too much.

So, the real question here is--why should anyone follow this Blog?

Truth is--I have absolutely no idea.

I'm not able to answer that for you.

I simply consider myself a small person with big things to say, to sum it up.

Ultimately, what I'm trying to say is that I am extremely honored to have you here. Anytime one of you views my Blog, I get so excited, and I can't truly explain why.

Whether I know you in person, Viewer, or I've never met you a day in my life--welcome! And thank you tremendously for visiting!

I have been able to do great things through Defying Impossible, and I hope to continue to for years to come!

Thank you for following Defying Impossible.

*Big group hug*

NaNoWriMo Winner!/Five Things I'm Thankful For


"Throws confetti and gravy*

How are you spending your Thanksgiving day? I'm spending it cleaning for when Family comes over for dinner tomorrow.

You may be thinking it's not the BEST way to spend your day, but I'm perfectly happy with it considering I've validated my word-count, and am officially a 2013 NaNoWriMo Winner!

Here's a picture for proof!
Sure, I may have gone a bit over, and the Novel still isn't actually FINISHED, but whatever. Personally I consider it a job well done, and I'm very happy with everything I've written!

I know many people who are almost there, or still struggling, or have barely written anything at all! But I think that most people don't understand what NaNoWriMo is all about.

It's not there for you to write 50k words. It's not there for you to finish your book. NaNoWriMo (Or National Novel Writing Month), is there to set realistic goals to get you to WRITE. That's all. If you've written a single word, one thousand word, or 100,000 words this month, you're already a winner!

And I'm not saying that like one of those cheesy things where "Everyone's a winner!", it's honestly the truth. NaNoWriMo is for, mainly, two different people. It's for the people who write all day everyday of their life, who want a new, more intense challenge, but it's also for those who haven't written for a few months, or haven't written in their entire life, and want to get started.

We're all writing, and numbers are just that--numbers.

So keep writing! The world needs your story!

Five Things I'm Thankful For:

  1. I'm thankful first and foremost for God being in my life, for without him literally none of the other four things I'm about to list would be possible. He's brought me through so many good things, and just as many bad things, but made sure I always learned from them and made me better in the process.
  2. I'm thankful for my family and friends. You might wonder why these two go together, because family is family and friends are friends, but in my eyes you choose who your family is, whether you're actually related or not. Family is the people who are always there for you, and who love you, and I definitively have many people like that. I'm thankful for my siblings, my parents, my boyfriend, my distant relatives, and all of the wonderful people put into my life.
  3. I'm thankful for my words. I'm thankful that words were even created! Without my stories I don't know what I'd do!
  4. I'm thankful that we have heat in our house, and electricity. I'm thankful we have warm blankets and coats and shoes. Pretty much, I'm thankful for the little things.
  5. I'm thankful for many, many more things, and I think that's ANOTHER thing I'm thankful for. I have so many great things in my life that I always try to remember, no matter how small.

What are YOU doing this Thanksgiving? What are you thankful for?

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Writing with Music

I promise I haven't forgotten about you guys!

I've been insanely busy writing, trying to finish FORSAKEN before November comes to an end, but I'm able to sneak away for a few minutes to write this!

I want to talk about writing with music, for a minute.

Anytime I plan to get some serious writing done--like when I'm planning on sitting down at the computer for three hours at the least, and ignore all of the internetz, the first step is to put on my headphones and start my playlist.

Most of the time I open up my FORSAKEN playlist, which is full of Jennifer Thomas and Brian Crain and such, OR, on days that I need a little more motivation and excitement, I click over to my playlist titled 'EMOTIONS' which is packed full of lyrical songs that make me happy and have a good tune, such as Twenty One Pilots, Evanescence, and plenty of other songs I've heard on the radio and added.

Music has the power, to me, to make my book better than I ever could have written it. With a soundtrack in the back, I can't spend a bunch of time thinking about which words to use, or worrying about if it sounds good, ect. This is a good thing. Editing comes later, and having music to half-way distract me keeps me from critiquing AS I'm writing, which I think is what most authors struggle with.

It also has the power to set a scene. Is it an emotional song? Is it a fun, pop song? Is it full of sad violins and quiet pianos? Every song carries an emotion, so be careful which song you're playing when, because, believe it or not, it has power over you, as the writer, to accidentally seep into your writing as well. You expected that scene you wrote to be lighthearted, yet you were listening to a hard rock song? Yeah, think again.

Music has influenced my writing to the point that, if a good enough song is playing, something COMPLETELY unexpected happens, and I have to rearrange my entire plot just because a certain song played.

This is just how it is for ME, of course--I'm not sure about other writers. I've heard some writers need complete silence, others with a rainfall sound in the background--we each have different quirks. What's yours?

Do you play music while writing? Does music influence your writing? What is your favorite artist to listen to?

Thanks for reading, and I'll see you soon!

(Actually, I won't SEE you, because this is a blog and technically I'm looking at a computer screen right now, but... Whatever, you get the point.)

One Thing You're Excited About


Last day, guys!

*Confetti... Excited... EXCITED*

One Thing You're Excited About

I'm excited about everything, as you could clearly see above? Anything can make me excited!

But, I'd have to say I'm MOST excited for my books.

I've been going through this constant battle, you see, of which of my two series I would like to get published first.

It's a big question. It may not seem like it, right?

"Just make both look pretty and you'll know when the time is right--right?"


At least for me, it doesn't work like that. I need to know which book to put my blood, sweat, and tears into through revising and editing. I can't just go half and half. I've NEVER been that person.

I still haven't decided. I've been contemplating and Praying and DYING for an answer, for a goal and the decision to be made, and nothing's come yet, but I know that it will all work out in the end, and be the best choice.

Good things come to those who wait, so I will continue to wait and listen and hope that I will just KNOW which book I need to prepare for publishing first.

Either way, I'm VERY excited for them! My books and characters always just make me happy, and I love telling their stories.

Is there anything YOU'RE excited for? Do your books my you happy, too?

Thanks for reading my Thirty-Day-Blog-Challenge! I'll be back soon with more 'informational' posts full of cat pictures and cheesy jokes!

Blog-Post Link/Five Weird Things that You Like


My Guest-post on the wonderful Julie Musil's Blog is HERE!

I hope you all enjoy it, and learn as much from it as I did while putting it together!

I'm totally happy dancing right now.

With quite a bit of exploding.

It's a huge honor for me to have been able to do this, but I've always been like this tiny little lone wolf who mops around Tumblr and the Blogger-World--but for someone else to want to hear the howl? And actually LIKE it?

Mind-blowing to me.

Okay, I'm done. I'll go explode elsewhere now!

Day 29:

Five Weird Things that You Like

  1.   I mean, I like writing and reading, and to some people that's weird. As upsetting as that is.
  2. I like apples and marshmallows--yes, together. It really tastes wonderful. I suggest you try it.
  3. I like to learn. Actually--correction--I LOVE to learn. About anything and everything, the world is fascinating to me, and I just really enjoy studying about it.
  4. I like writing dialogue. Dialogue is my favorite.
  5. I like classic Hungarian music. Don't ask me why--I just do.

What are five weird things that YOU like? Do you find them weird yourself?

Thanks for reading!

NEWS REVEAL!/Somewhere You'd Like to Move to or Visit


Before today's Writer-Blog Question is answered...

I can finally share with you the super secret awesome news!

*Drumroll....Intense Lighting*

I have been asked to write, and have delivered, a guest Blog Post on Julie Musil's Blog about anti-heroes!

*Confetti blasts... Explosions... Happy dances*

The post will be up on her Blog TOMORROW, featuring little old me rambling my face off about my favorite characters--anti-heroes.

She was a really great joy to work with, and I hope you stop over there on her Blog, because she has some really awesome stuff!

So... I'm really sort of terrified and excited and nervous and laughing uncontrollably at the thought of it going out into the world tomorrow. I'll be sure to attach a Link to it the minute it's posted, and I hope you all like it!

And--the best part? This is a little spoiler for other things I have planned, coming perhaps sometime in December/ January! But, Shhh! Spoilers...

And NOW:

Day 28:

Somewhere You'd Like to Move to or Visit

It might seem a little odd, but I really want to visit Florida.

The weird part is that I'm not CRAZY about beaches, nor do I even know anything about the place to make me interested, besides the fact that I was born there.

THAT, and Venice, Italy, of course. Maybe some place like Rio, as well.

Oh, and London!

...Safe to say--I have many place I would love to visit, and would love to travel the world if I had the money!

Where would you like to visit? What's your favorite place to be?

Thank you all for reading, and I'll see you back here tomorrow!

Day 24, 25, 26, and 27 in the Writers-Blog Challenge!

I'm back from my awesome Writers Retreat of awesomeness!

(I know--you just missed me SO much, right?)

Out on the porch I decided
to ride the rocking horse
while writing.
Over the whole weekend, I got perhaps 15k words written, giving me a total word count of 40k words!

This is how I do Camp-Fires!
Yes, only 10,000 more words to go until I complete NaNoWriMo's goal! Though I have only just reached the halfway point in the actual PLOT, so I will more than likely be going a bit over.

 It was a wonderful time off with some wonderful friends, and I'm so glad I got to go!

And now, I have day 24, 25, 26, and 27 in the Writers-Blog Challenge to answer!

Day 24:

Five Words/Phrases That Make You Laugh

  1. Tater. It just makes me laugh.
  2. Wonky. Heheheheh.
  3. Flail.
  4. Snort.
  5. Kerfuffle.
 Day 25:

Something You're Currently Worrying About

There IS one thing I'm worrying about, but it will be resolved at the end of the night, so don't fear.

Want to know what it is?

You'll have to wait until tomorrow for the grand reveal!

Day 26:

Things You Like and Dislike About Yourself

I'm sure I've stated this many times before: I'm happy with who I am.

Though, sometimes I dislike about myself that I get to feeling small. Many people and especially Authors do this, I think. Get to thinking about the whole big world and think: "How could I possibly make a difference?"

I used to feel small a whole bunch, but through my writing I've become better at speaking my mind and being my own person, and not worrying about little things. I guess you could say the bravery of my characters has sort of leaked off onto me.

But overall, I'm secure in who I am.

Day 27:

A Quote You Try to Live By

"Do or do not. There is no try."-Yoda.

Yes, I have taken my life advice from a little green dude, but I firmly believe the smaller voices have bigger things to say.

I use this quote in every area on my life, and when you put it into a decision of "Do it or don't, there is no in between", it makes the answer much easier.

I never want to go halfway. Everything in my life I do it all, the best I could possibly do it, or not at all.

What about you? What are your favorite words or your favorite quote? Share in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

Writers Retreat

Hey guys!

Sorry--No Writers-Blog answer today!

Me and my Family are literally about to walk out the door to stay the weekend at the Cabin with some friends, as a short vacation!

Sadly, there is no internet connection up there, so, naturally, no Blog posts until Monday, and I'll catch up then.

I'm looking forward to the atmosphere of the Cabin because, honestly, it's just one big writers dream.

There's hammocks and warm fires and beautiful views, so I'm going to be spending all my time at my computer, OBVIOUSLY, because I'm considering this my own Writers Retreat!

I hope you fellow Writers get many words done as well!

Happy Writing!

Your Favorite Scent/Something That You Miss

Day 22 and 23, anyone???

Yesterday was an incredibly wonderful busy-yet-relaxed day, and for the first time in a long time, I just felt like sitting on the couch playing Video Games.

Yes, that's right: I hardly even touched my computer after I completed my 2k word goal for the day.

It was actually wonderful, and I will be sure to be taking more breaks like that more often. It's a good idea to refuel on life experiences for stories, right?

Day 22:

Your Favorite Scent

Burning wood. Oak trees. Anything woodsy or smoky--something I could imagine smelling on a cold fall day. Like, really, I have an obsession with these smells.

Day 23:

Something That You Miss

Hmm... I guess I miss many things, considering I've moved all over the place in the course of my life, so I've had to leave many things behind.

I miss especially my old friend that I met a what seems like MILLIONS of years ago, but sadly had to move away. She and her family are really the only people from my past that I've made sure to keep in contact with, and the fact that we are still best friends proves that distance doesn't matter.

I also miss our old family cat, Zoe, who died a little while ago.

I miss my ATREA story right now, considering I'm writing on my OTHER series for NaNoWriMo, and all I want to do is join their adventures again in Re-Writing.

I miss my bedroom at our old house. I don't know if it was just because I was in that age where everything seemed simple and magical, but my bedroom was like a wonderland to me, and I still remember it that way.

What do YOU miss? What are your favorite scents?

Thanks for reading!

How You Hope Your Future Will Be Like

Day 21 of the Writers-blog Challenge!

We're almost to 30, you guys!


And now to the question, which I will have much fun answering:

How You Hope Your Future Will Be Like

I am hopeful of many things in my future, but I'm doing more than 'hoping'.

I'm working towards my future and my dreams everyday, as I believe everyone should do if they REALLY want something.

I'm going to be published. This isn't really a question, considering ONE WAY OR ANOTHER I will eventually hold a copy of my book in my hands, whether it's through self publishing, through a company, ect.

I know that I'll make my book the best it could ever be through rewriting and editing and long nights with a bunch of caffeine and chocolate.

I hope my future to be full of inspiring moments, lots of cats, wonderful friends and family, and writing a TON of other books!

I want to write until I can't physically write anymore, because I will never run out of stories to tell, as most of us won't.

I hope sometime I'll have fans of my work, even if it's just one person who read my book and liked it, and I will be the kindest I can be to them. I am a firm believer in the fact that anyone can publish and write a book, but if the readers don't BUY it, then it just collects dust on the shelf. I would owe them all of my thanks and treat them like MY heroes.

I look forwards to every step of my future that God is planning for me, and I will trust Him to guide me through it all, like he already has so far.

What do YOU hope your future will be like?

Thanks for reading!

Five Items You Want/Your Fears

YES I know I'm terrible at keeping up, because I missed yesterday's Writers-Blog Post but at least this excuse is a really great one:

I could not put a post together yesterday because I spent every hour writing in NaNoWriMo's NaNoThon!

It's where people all over the world met in person, live-stream through YouTube, or on Twitter to write as much as possible every hour. It really helped a lot of people get caught up, and I WAY surpassed my goal of writing 2k words and hit 7k instead, leaving me with a total word-count of 20,000 words! NaNoThon really helped me get back into the zone, and I'll be writing some more right after I finish this up!

(And speaking of which--I did one of my first 'word-sprints', where you set a timer for ten/thirty minutes and write non-stop! I did two thirty minute session late last night, and wrote 2k extra words, just because I knew I was being timed. I will be doing it a lot more often now, and I recommend you try it out too!)

Day 19:

Five Items You Want

  1. A Pony. But who doesn't?
  2. There are about a million books I would LOVE to have, but unfortunately I don't have my own personal library to store them in!
  3. A new set of head-phones. One time when I had money (Those were the days.), I saw these children's head-phones at the store, and I figured "Oh, they're that cheap because most people won't have small enough heads to fit!". Of course MY head would fit, because I like to think of myself as a Hobbit (Fun-Sized is so over-rated.). So I was getting all excited and decided to buy them (Also because they were pink, so all bets were off.), thinking how clever the store was for selling them so cheap, because Adults/Teenagers couldn't wear them! Turns out, they must have been so cheap because the sound doesn't stay inside the headphones very well. It's like, if you play music through them, everyone in your house and Africa can be annoyed by my awesome Writerly music. I still use them, of course, but I would love a bigger, better set!...And that was the story of the time I decided to buy Children's headphones.
  4. A lap-sized dry erase board. I've been wanting one of these to do character time-lines, plot outlining, ect, because I've found I work better with VISUAL time-lines, rather then outlining by Document.
So, if anyone would like to spread the Christmas cheer, you are more than welcome to buy my any/all of the things on this list... You know, just if you feel like it...

I'm just kidding!

...But seriously.

Day 20:

Your Fears

Oh, geez, this isn't a good question. I'm afraid of MANY things!

I'm afraid of the dark, and I think that's the BIGGEST one.

I mean, don't get me wrong--I have an undying hate for spiders, but I've learned how to sort of ignore that sometimes.

Let's see... Wasps, heights (but only if my feet are not touching something solid), roller coasters, horror/scary movies, anything sharp (including needles), Crane's (or any other Bird that is unnaturally large), being alone, being in large crowds...

I think that's the most of them, but I'm sure there's plenty more.


I almost forgot the best one!:

I have this irrational fear that while I'm using the blow dryer, flames will erupt from the end and catch my hair on fire.

...Yes, I know...

But it's legit! I refuse to turn the setting onto hot, the same reason I refuse to lean too close to candles.


And so now you know what a wimp I am, and know how I appreciate my own characters bravery!

What are some things YOU want? What are your biggest fears? Feel free to share!  

Thanks for reading!

Something That You are Proud of/A Problem That You Have Had

I am aware I skipped yesterdays Writer-Blog Question, and will for sure make it up by answering both today!

Day Seventeen:

Something That You are Proud Of

Erm, geez, this is an awkward question. Like, anything I say is bragging!

I do think I have bragging rights over finishing twelve (soon to be thirteen) Novels. Normally, I wouldn't be so freakishly proud for writing, except that I can promise you I have put way too much blood, sweat, and ALL OF THE TEARS into these stories, so, yeah, I deserve to be proud of them, at least.

Day Eighteen:

A Problem That You Have Had

What an odd question, right?

Everyone has problems--big, small, they're all the same!

I don't have any giant problems in my life right now, and the ones I do have I believe life is too short to be constantly worrying over things.

I have many problems I suppose, some so small you would think I've lost my mind to fret about them, but I don't like troubling other's with the problems I should deal with myself and smile through.

But, one that I think many Writers can relate to, is:

I'm writing my NaNoWriMo Novel at the moment, but... I have all of these books I want to start but I have to wait until this month is over!

*Worlds Smallest Violin Plays*

I think that once you dedicate yourself to one book, all of these insanely great ideas come flooding out of nowhere to be obnoxious, because they KNOW you can't write them yet, so they just sit there and tease you from the sidelines! But I am doing my best to cope with the long wait, and I can't wait to reward myself with starting them once I finish my NaNo Novel!

What are you rewarding yourself with after you accomplish NaNoWriMo? Are you going through any big problems? What are you proud of?

Thanks for reading!

Something You Always Think "What If..." About

Day Sixteen of the Writer-Blog Challenge!

Today's question is:

Something You Always Think "What If..." About

This is a very hard question for me, because I honestly love everything in my life, and I wouldn't want it any other way--but, just for fun, I sometimes try to imagine what my life would be like if I never fell in love with words.

What if I was never a writer?

This question horrifies me, but I still like to wonder.

Perhaps I would be a professional Artist or Photographer? If I never loved to write, maybe I would work with Children or Animals. I could be an Explorer who travels the world in search of beautiful sunsets and interesting forests.

Perhaps I would be friendly, and not as shy as I am now. Or perhaps I wouldn't be nice at all!

Instead of books on my shelve, I'd have Music Books, because I'd be the best musician this world has seen!

I could be a Sculptor, creating Pots and Figures every hour of my day.

I could be interesting, or I could be dull. I could be exciting, or I could be grouchy. I could be a Pilot or an Engineer. I could be anyone!

but I'm not. I'm me, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Not that these lives don't sound interesting, but as a Writer, I can still do each and every one of these things.

I can have my character do them. This can be their lives.

I travel worlds and create things--I can, and have done everything through the things I write!

(Plus, I have tried many of these things myself. I consider myself a 'professional Multi-tasker'. Anything that involving creating something, I consider it a Hobby of mine. Sculpting, Piano, Violin, Sewing, Drawing, Painting, Building, and, now, Blogging. Yes, I have many interests.)

What do YOU think What If about? What are your favorite Hobbies? 

Thanks for Reading!

Favorite Animal, Food, and Sport

Day Fifteen, anyone?

Favorite Animal, Food, and Sport

I found it's odd that these three questions were put into the same day, because, really, what do the three even have in common?

But, anyway;

Favorite Animal:

I have a ton of favorite Animals, but I'll try to narrow it down to just my five absolute favorites:

  1. Ducks. Seriously, that just waddle around and make cute noises. How can I resist?
  2. Cats/Kittens. Yes, you saw it coming, right?
  3. Red Panda's, followed shortly by regular Panda's.
  4. Baby Piggies. I'm not sure if I have the same undying love for grown Pigs, but I do know it is certainly present when there are babies involved.
  5. Deer. They're just so adorable.
Favorite Food:

Macaroni and Cheese, forever and always. Followed shortly by Strawberries, Chocolate, and Chocolate covered Strawberries!

Favorite Sport:

Sitting on the couch.

But seriously though, I don't 'do' sports. They make my head hurt and bore me entirely.

What is your Favorite Food? Sport? Animal?

Thanks for reading, and I hope you're all having a wonderful November!

How to Make Ideas Your Own/What You Wore Today

Let's talk about Writing for a minute.

I'm going to real quick cover a Topic that is haunting me today, and I can always seem to get over things if I write them down.

Comparing your book to other books

I can't be the only one who does this every once in a while, right?

I've gotten better at not comparing my words, my stories, my characters, ect, to other authors I love, because I tell myself they have edited/revised that books so many times to make it as beautiful as it is, so don't compare your first draft to someone else's fifteenth.

But, truthfully, it's sometimes a good thing to--no, not compare--but to make sure you're not straight up copying or stealing from someone else's work.

With each of my stories, sometimes even just parts in the story if it's long enough, I can tell exactly what book I was reading at the time I was writing it, what TV show I was watching. I can pin-point exactly where I got that inspiration from, and this is what troubled me.

But this is a normal thing. You can't create something fully on your own--not really. You have to have a basis to start from, something has to inspire you!

My first idea that comes from a TV show/book/ect, is truthfully a lot like the idea it originated from, BUT that's why I choose the second idea, and work hard to make it my own.

I have this fear that someone will read my book one day, and say 'She totally stole that from ----!', and I will feel as if I had failed to create my own thing. I think a lot of Authors fear this.

So, how do we get inspiration from other writers works without stealing, and forever being known as 'the next Harry Potter'?

Let's say you get an idea from the Hunger Games, but instead of fighting to the death, it's slightly changed in one way or another, but still close enough to recognize the source you took it from.

What then?

You disguise it, of course.

You add elements of your own. What if weapons are banned? What if the point wasn't to kill each other, but to join together? What if the whole thing is actually a test of teamwork, but the world always follows their instinctive reaction and thinks it's to destroy each other? (I know, these may be pretty bad references, but you get the point.)

The WHAT IF method saves lives, and that's exactly what I just got finished doing, to turn an idea from 'that one idea I got from the one book', to 'my own idea'.

Like words, like stories, you make ideas your own, and yours alone.

Writer-Blog Question for today:

What You Wore Today

Uhm, Pajamas?  Frosty the Snowman pants and my Camp NaNoWriMo T-shirt, of course! I may also be snuggling my Panda Pillow Pet, but that's totally irrelevant.

What are you wearing today? Do you have any methods for making ideas your own? Feel free to share!

Thanks for Reading!

Your Opinion About Your Appearance and How Comfortable You Are With It

So, am I the only one in love with this wonderful weather? Have I mentioned I love Fall?

Anyway, welcome to Defying Impossible with another Writer-blog Question!

Today is day 13, so let's continue, shall we?

Your Opinion About Your Appearance and How Comfortable You Are With It

Well, I know that most girls hate how they look--They want to look like someone else, someone prettier, someone better than they are, but that's impossible because you are the prettiest you can be. You're not someone else, so stop comparing yourself.

I like my appearance. Sometimes, like everyone, I go through a time or two when I'm feeling really self conscious about how I look, but those days always fade and overall--I enjoy being me.

I like that I'm not tall, but not really short where I have to stare up at people all the time. I'm comfortable in my appearance, most of the time, and other times I smack myself out of it fairy quickly.

I just think people put way too much authority into appearances. It's just a look--just a vessel for the REAL you. Does it really matter so much?

We are not our appearances, so I think everyone should stop judging by looks, stop trying to make themselves look better, because nothing is more perfect than a truly happy person who is happy with you they are.

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day!

Five Guys Whom You Find Attractive in Fictional Books

Day Twelve!

Who's excited???

Today's question is:

Five Guys Whom You Find Attractive in Fictional Books

Uhm.. Hmm... How in the world do I narrow it down to five?!

practically every book I read has at least one guy I have a Fictional crush on, but I'll try to pick my favorites.

I'm judging this by not just looks, but attractive personalities and such as well. Pretty much just ALL AROUND ATTRACTIVE PERSONS.

  1. Will Harondale, from the Infernal Devices. You knew it was coming, but he comes first. He has to be not only one of my favorite male characters, but one of my favorite characters of ALL TIME.
  2. Prince Kai, from the Lunar Chronicles. Yes, I think he's precious. PRESHPRESHPRESH.
  3. Keefe Sencen, from Keeper of the Lost Cities. Yes, he's fabulous, all around in every way.
  4. Percy Jackson, from the Percy Jackson Series, OF COURSE!
  5. The Darkling, from the Grisha Trilogy. Yes, I am Team Darkling all the way. Who isn't?
PHEW--That was hard, narrowing it down, but I think I got the one's I love most.

Great characters written by great Authors that I admire in all ways.

And, because I can't stand leaving them out, I have to also give a shout out to the wonderful Jack from Half Upon a Time Trilogy, Leo Valdez, from the Heroes of Olympus, Prosper from the Thief Lord, Jace Wayland from the Mortal Instruments, and Ikuto from Shugo Chara! Because I just love so many people, right?

But, guess what? ALL of these characters have nothing on my Epic real-life Boyfriend. I felt I needed to add that, because I have bragging rights, yes? <3

What are some of your favorite male characters? What about female characters?

Thanks for reading, and Happy Writing! <3

Your Family

Happy November 1st, All!

How many words have you written so far???

I... honestly have not written as much as I would have hoped, but the day isn't over yet, right? I plan to get this party rolling after I finish this post, so let's keep it brief, shall we?

Day Eleven:

Your Family

Well, considering there are Creepers on the internet (Though if you're a Creeper, I hope you're not stalking around my Blog in the first place. Heheh.), I don't feel comfortable sharing as much as I want to say, because, really, I could go on all day about my wonderful Family, so I shall refrain from spilling their awesomeness, kay?

I am the youngest of three, my two older siblings being my Sister and my even older Brother.

My Sister is the one I go to spill out all of my new ideas like Word Vomit, but she listens anyway. Or, pretends to listen, I'm not entirely sure.

My Brother has the skill to look a lot like this.
Yes, be jealous.
My Brother... looks like an Otter if he does this weird thing with his face, but that's totally irrelevant. I guess he's a good at keeping me entertained, and a bit annoyed, naturally.

My Dad is my Cheer Leader, except he's a full grown man, so that's a bit weird sounding. He's always there when I need someone to read something, and I can trust him for unfiltered FeedBack.

My mom is I guess the one who started it all, and walks me through every step. She's me Editor, Adviser, Agent, Coach, Little Nagging Voice, ect. She always puts up with my ramblings, even when I get annoyed at the sound of my voice, myself.

Also part of my Family is my Pets: My adorable Mini Australian Shepherd Puppy, and my old cat Casper, who has been my Best Buddy since I was born!

My whole Family helps me plot, reads some of what I write (Only if I allow them to, such as Halloween Short Stories, Christmas Stories, ect.), and overall is just a huge inspiration to me.

I have the best Fan Base any Author could ever ask for: My Family.

Put Your Music Player on Shuffle and List the First Ten Songs That Play

Here with Day Ten a little late, huh?

BUT, by the time you're reading this, it will officially  be November First!


I'm going to keep today's answer short, to see if I can't knock out a few hundred words on the first day!

Put Your Music Player on Shuffle and List the First Ten Songs That Play:

  1. Fully Alive (Acoustic Version), By FlyLeaf
  2. Erase This. By Evanescence
  3. Car Radio, By Twenty One Pilots
  4. Our God's Alive, By Andy Cherry
  5. Desperate, By Decyfer Down
  6. Here With Me, By Plumb
  7. Live It Out, By Abandon 
  8. The End, By The Classic Crime
  9. Miracle, By Mike Mains
  10. Bohemian Rhapsody, By Queen

So there are the first Ten songs that play. This is from my Playlist titled 'Emotions' which has practically everything under the sun, for any random emotion I need.

 Each of my books has their own Playlist for when I'm writing them, mostly filled with Classical/New Age that fits. If I can see a scene in my head when I hear the song, then it goes into that Playlist.

What's the first ten songs that play on YOUR Playlist? What's your favorite song?

Thanks for Reading, and be sure to check back tomorrow!

Happy Late Halloween!

How Important You Think Education Is

Look, I'm here ON TIME with Day Nine!

*Laughs maniacally*

Today's question is:

How Important You Think education Is

Well, it really depends on what type of education you're talking about.

I think people should read. Obviously. I think if more people in the world read more books, we'd be living in a smarter, more brilliant society. Yet people don't and I want to throw books at them until they decide to pick it up and learn something from the wonderful world of fiction.

But really, if people read more, they would become braver, they would think more often before they speak, they would have better role models, better spelling, be better able to care for people and small things in the world. Ahhh, what a perfect world that would be.

But, if you're talking about education as in what they teach in any ordinary school?


I'm homeschooled myself, and I've never stepped foot into a public school building, but I have many friends, and I understand what goes on inside a classroom, and... I think that some things schools teach kids these days are good--such as math and typical subjects, because everyone needs to learn things like that, right?--But I also believe there are some things... I guess, some things that they aren't teaching them.

They may be teaching them education, but they are not showing them how to use it. Sure, hand a kid an essay; they may do good, they may not. But what comes out of it? Do they walk away with anything besides a bunch of random information they don't know how to use, or knowing if they accomplished it or failed it?

School is supposed to grow people in their education, but there is more to education than math books and science. If you're going to get all these kids in the same place at the same time, why not teach them something worthwhile? Teach them how to use their education instead of dismissing it, and show them how to be good people.

If school's didn't treat students the way they did today, teaching and not letting them learn, I think the next generations would be with more open minds, more patient, more excited to learn, ect.

I think education is very important, don't get me wrong--but I also believe education shouldn't be all there is. school should not be the only time you're learning, and half of the people in our world? That's exactly what they're doing.

What is YOUR opinion on education? What's your favorite subject in school?

Thanks for reading and I invite you to check back tomorrow!

Five Pet Peeves/What You Ate Today?

Okay, okay, okay, I know I didn't post yesterdays question, but it's okay because I'm going to answer both questions today, right?

*Nervously throws confetti*

Day Seven/Eight!

Five Pet Peeves?

First Pet Peeve: Improper Grammar/Spelling--but was that really a debate?

Second Pet Peeve: Fake People. If you don't like me, don't smile to my face. I can see through your mask, and you're not fooling anyone, right?

Third Pet Peeve: Itchy Tags. If a shirt has any size tag, big or small, I get wigged out and have to have it cut off immediately or else I'll scratch my face off.

Fourth pet Peeve: When Restaurants get my order wrong. I understand misunderstandings and such, but, really, you have one job!

Fifth Pet Peeve: When someone thinks it's necessary to use a swear word every other letter. Again, I believe throwing out inappropriate language is just a weak mind trying to make a strong statement.

What You Ate Today?

I mean, I ate a lot of things today, and I do mean a lot (And proud!). I ate Hardee's for Lunch, because it's obviously the best choice, then ate some of my Mother's wonderful Pork Roast and salty Mashed Potatoes. And right now I am scarfing down a Chicken Wrap from McDonald's, because what else would you be doing at this time of night?

So, there were Today's and Yesterday's questions asked and answered!

And, quick update in case anyone cares:

I finished my Halloween story!

*Celebrates and rests sore fingers*

I'm more than certain it was complete gibberish near the end, because I was running on Midnight energy when I finally finished it, but oh well. I'm glad I was able to complete it, good or bad!

And... Am I the only one freaking out that NaNoWriMo starts in, like, four days???

Luckily, I am eagerly freaking out, not the Omg-I'm-So-Unprepared-And-I-Can't-Do-This-And.

I would start this book tomorrow if I could, yet I shall wait for Nov. 1st. I am beyond excited to write the Third and Final book to the Dragon Master Trilogy!

Anyway, that's what's new for me.

 What about you guys? What Novels will you be working on this November?

Thanks for Reading, and be sure to check back tomorrow!

Your Views on the Mainstream World

Day Six, anyone?

I'll try to keep this brief, because it's been an exhausting day, and I still need to get some done on my short Halloween story!

Today's Writer-Blog Question is:

Your Views On The Mainstream World?

Well, personally, I'm proud to say I'm a Hipster at heart, and I just don't do 'Mainstream'.

I think that some things titles mainstream are okay, but most of mainstream things are just plain bad, and nothing good comes out of it.

Our Mainstream world, to me, is just a bunch of people pretending to like the same thing, and pressuring others into liking it, too, to be 'cool' or whatever.

Peer-pressure is a horrible thing, and I think our Mainstream World is full of it to the edge.

I believe in being your own person, and not allowing anyone to tell you differently.

So what if you don't wear the clothes that everyone else wears? So what if you don't like the same TV shows, listen to the same music, say the same things, act the same way, because--honestly-- that's all it is: An act.

Beautiful people like you are acting, tricking themselves to think things are cool. They aren't true to themselves. They become copies of one another, because, that's what 'all the cool kids' are doing.

The world is full of bodies with masks--all looking exactly alike-- to hide their perfect soul that God created.

People now days think they can't be themselves and be cool, or perfect, or interesting. They look to all things Mainstream, trying to to lie to themselves and say this, this, is what will finally make them popular/cool/beautiful/exciting/ect, when, in truth, they were just becoming another ordinary Human.

We are souls, dear Readers--NOT Humans.

Humanity is the part in us that falls for temptation and lives for Sin--The part that wants to be like everyone else. Our Souls are who we are, the person within, the one that is eternal.

God created us first as perfect beings, then the Mainstream World tainted our light and tells us lies.

So, in short, I don't agree with the 'Mainstream World', and I like my life much better as a Hipster--Living the way God intended me to, liking what I like, being my own person, and speaking my own mind--not someone else's.

What are your opinions on the Mainstream World? 

Thanks for reading through this, even though I sort of sounded like a motivational speaker for a minute there!

Things You Want to Say to Bullies/Mean People

I'm here with Day Five of the Writers-Blog Challenge!

Today's question is:

Things You Want to Say to Bullies/Mean People?

Oh, boy...

This is a tricky question for me, because, honestly, I'm not one of those 'Get in your face and tell you what-for' type of people. I believe in embracing your hurt feelings, and the stupidity of some people, but staying silent and sending out a quiet Prayer.

Yes, I Pray all the time for my enemies, as the Bible says:

"bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you."- Luke 6:28

That's one of my favorite Verses, that I try to live by daily.

But, that doesn't mean there aren't quite a few things I want to say for Bullies and rude people, but that doesn't mean I would ever say them.

No, not that I'm being a coward. Trust me, I would love to speak freely with my mind sometimes--but, then, would I be any better than they are?

If I went around judging and talking without thinking, am I not doing the same thing I hate about them?

Besides, I think insults, swear words, arguments, ect. is just the outcome of a weak mind trying to make a strong statement. 

I believe in valid points; all things that come from your mouth should be thought through first, and then be backed up with proof and emotions. If you go around yelling and kicking, absolutely nothing will become of it, besides making things worst.

If every word you ever said appeared on your skin--wouldn't you be more careful with how you speak?

So, I think Bullies and mean people are just what comes out of misguided souls, who are incredibly lost. 

No one was born obnoxious or rude. Bullies aren't born--they are made from broken heroes.

People who find joy in other peoples pain, people who like to put other down to make themselves feel better--This is just a twisted heart originally made like mine and yours.

Let's face it--everyone can be a bully sometimes. some people don't mean to, but at one point or another, accidents happen.

But to choose to Bully is completely different. It is a sad, low thing to make a choice to insult someone, back-stab someone, mistreat someone, abuse someone, make-fun of someone...

Bullying and mean people are, to me, one of the saddest things in the World, but really, it's everywhere.

Friends become enemies, enemies become Villains--It's hard to find friends and it's hard to stay positive in a world full of negative, twisted beings.

But if you just keep praying for you enemies--THAT, my friends, is the only thing that will ever make a difference.

I know many people who suffer from Bullies and the mean, nastiness of people, and I know there are many, many more out there, and all I can say is this:

Keep your head up and your courage strong. Do not let petty people get in the way of living your life the beautiful, joyful way it was intended to be lived. Learn lessons from these Bullies and move on. And most important of all--Smile, because you have God on your side.

How do YOU deal with Bullying?

Thanks for Reading, and be sure to check back tomorrow!

Something That Could Ruin Your Whole Day

Hey All!

Quick update before I get to todays Writers-Blog Challenge:

It seems I'm throwing out random words in my latest short Halloween story, trying to get it finished in time!

I'm not writing this story for any particular reason: It's a deadline I set for myself, and I'm hoping to accomplish it.  I think things like NaNoWrimo and personal set goals are a good practice to get a writer prepared for the set-in-stone deadlines we will have to obey once we're published.

And, speaking of NaNoWrimo--Who's ready?! I am! I've got my new playlist full of epic classical music for my Novel (I highly recommend you check out the Album Illumination by Jennifer Thomas. I just found this music, but it's already one of my favorites!), I've got many plotting Free-Writes and multiple Plot Outlines made, and I think I've finally prepared enough for the third and final book to the Dragon Master Trilogy.


And now, I shall continue on with today's question:

Something That Could Ruin Your Whole Day

I can imagine many things that would put a damper on my day, from tripping down the stairs or being kidnapped by Aliens, but I'd have to say the most common would be finding a plot hole or having a bad writing day.

You see--This answer may seem a bit unrealistic, but it's true! If something happens in my writing that I don't like, or I find something that doesn't work, I beat myself up worst than anyone. I go on the rest of the day feeling unsatisfied and disappointed in myself, until I can plow forwards and fix the problem later.

My writing life and my real life is the same exact thing. There is no separating them, and there is no pulling them apart.

When something happens in one life, it effects the other, and vise versa.

It's a bit stressful at times, really, but sometimes you get that day where both sides are going good, both sides are exciting, and it creates a very happy me.

But, other days they don't match up at all and I'm left torn in two.

...A dramatic day in the life of me, right?

So there's my deep answer that is lacking logic, but I don't care. You probably think I'm some crazy psycho now, but I promise, I only talk to my cats when they talk to me, first!

What is something that could ruin YOUR day?  Do you separate your writing life from your real life?  

Thanks for Reading, and join my tomorrow for Day Five of the Writers-Blog Challenge!

A Book You Love and Why?

Oh boy-- Todays question is really asking for it!

Day Three of the Writers-Blog Challenge question is:

A Book You Love and Why?

I'll try to keep this under five pages long, but let's see, shall we?

A book I love... I'm going to choose Unremembered.

Unremembered, written by Jessica Brody, is not just one of my favorite books, but one of those books I love to love--Make sense?

It's not just the characters and the story and the idea that I fell in love with--it was all of the little things.

First reason of why I love it, is that it is highly apparent that Jessica Brody did her research before starting the first word; everything is smooth, and calculated, and it's one of those books that you can read without effort, which means a great deal of effort was put into the writing itself.

The subject is a rather confusing idea and the plot gets so ASDFGHJK at one point that it's insane how the Author created it all, but it's written in a way that it's so simple.

It makes you think hard, but it's a lovely story that I LOVE to love.

Reason number TWO would be, of course, the Romance.

Now--let me explain.

I fall head over heels for a good Romance (Good romance being Not-Twilight.), but this one takes the prize for my favorite!

This isn't one of those:

"Girl meets boy. Girl falls in love. Guy pretends he doesn't care. Guy falls in love. Drama. Drama. They spend 200 pages of the story kissing. Happily ever after."

This story delivers Romance--REAL Romance-- as it should be.

This doesn't give Teenagers now days the illusion of 'perfect-love' like nearly every other book/movie/TV show in existence. It doesn't say True Love looks like two unsupervised Teenagers meeting one day, being totally in love. it doesn't tell Teenagers now days that True Love is loving a boy even if he's a total jerk to you, or allowing him to mistreat you, but 'he's just too attractive to leave'.

This story shows almost an old fashioned Romance--before modern-day twisted and turned it into what it is
today; casual and disturbing.

For an example:

The main couple in this book spend their time talking to one another, and looking after one another, instead of going through all of this Drama and stupidity. Instead of having huge 'Making-Out' scenes, the most precious thing is a kiss on the head, or a meaningful hug, but it's done in a magical way that carries impact.

I absolutely loved this book because it shakes things up. It makes people walk away with:

  • A different view on Romance.

  • A different view on how to write.

  • A different view on reading.

  • A different view on life.

It's truly an inspiring book filled with mystery and excitement and total Presh with every word. This book is powerful, and very brave, and I love that.

Big thanks to the wonderful Jessica Brody for writing them!

Hm, this wasn't nearly as long as I had expected! WIN. 

What's a book YOU love?

Now go out, buy the book, and join me tomorrow for Day Four of the Writers Blog Challenge!

Thanks for Reading! <3

Something You Feel Strongly About

Hello All!

How is the people of the wold doing today?

I have  ULTRA-SUPER-AWESOME-EXCITING news to share with you coming this November! So GET EXCITED.

Now: Time to answer question number TWO of the Thirty Day Writers-Blog Challenge!

Today I'm supposed to write: Something You Feel Strongly About

This is really a harder question than what it seems, considering I feel strongly about many things, but I suppose the topic I feel most strongly about is words. 

Figures, right?

Because out of everything else in the World that is constantly changing and stretching and morphing into something different, each and every day, words stay the same.

Words express feelings, words can break a person or calm a person, they can be used as commands, something to read. Books full of words, pouring from the pages into our hearts--for hundreds of years they've done this! And, overall, words create things.

It's one of the many reasons I'm a Writer.

People fade into the Universe, items can wither and decay, money can rip and Friendships can break; But words are forever.

It brings me back to one of my favorite quotes:

"You won't last forever, so make sure to create something that will."

That's exactly what I find with words. I can last forever through my words, being read who knows how far into the future. You can to!

So when the World changes and the ground slips from underneath my feet, words are one of the only things left that bring me comfort.

While writing, I feel eternal. It's a wonderful thing. I feel like I'm working towards not only my dream, but someone else's. Someone else who will read it however many years from now and fall in love with the characters all over again.

And I think I've rambled on enough about this, don't you? But, really, you don't ask a Writer what they feel strongly about--You'll have them talking for hours!

What do YOU feel strongly about? Anything you could go on for hours about?

Thanks for reading!

Five Thing You Look For in Friends

Hello All!

I just got back from St. Louis today, from a wonderful meet and greet/Book signing with Shannon Messenger!

I'm so honored to have gotten to spend nearly two hours talking to her about anything and everything. She was everything I hoped she could be, and more. She writes wonderful books, and she's an even more wonderful person!

If you EVER get a chance to meet her, DO IT. If you don't, you're missing out on meeting one of the nicest, most creative people in the world.!

And NOW, onto the first post of my Thirty Day Writers-Blog Challenge! 

*Happy Dance*

Question number ONE is:

Five Things You Look For in Friends

This isn't a question I've ever really contemplated before, considering I like to think of everyone as a friend, but...

First Way, I'd say, is to be a nice person. Because, really, that's what matters most to me. No, this doesn't mean be perfect or never make mistakes, but to have a positive outlook on life, and to be friendly even under stressful circumstances. I like to hang around nice people, to encourage me to also be unconditionally nice.

Second Way: I especially like people who have good Grammar/good concept of spelling, though this isn't necessarily a MUST. I like people who put effort into even the little things like spelling and grammar.

Third Way: They need to be fun! My friends can't be those kind that don't like to be stupid and ridiculous. I look for friendly, fun friends!

Fourth Way: I look for people who are themselves. People who don't have multiple masks they wear in front of different people. Someone who is happy to be themselves.

Fifth Way: I can't think of a last one! I honestly like anyone, no matter who they are or what they're like. Unless the person's a total jerk/a murderer/a creeper/ect. chances are we'll get along nicely!

What do you look for in a friend? 

Thanks for reading, and check back tomorrow for another answer!


Hello All!

Just wanted to give a quick update:

First off, I promise I'm not planning on being this lame forever. I haven't had time to plan a new Blog Post or you guys yet because I've been busy preparing to go out of town this Monday, which leads me to my SECOND update...:

I'm heading back to Saint Louise (Considering I was just there last week to meet the wonderful Rick Riordan.), to THIS time meet...

Wait for it...


*Confetti explosions... DYNAMITE Song Blaring Through the Ground... Million Person Dance Party*

I KNOW right???

So I am BEYOND excited.

Shannon Messenger is one of those Authors, to me, that is not in the same league as the others. There IS no competition. She has written some of the best stuff I have ever read, AND she is a super awesome person, so I cannot WAIT to meet her. 

She is the Author of Keeper of the Lost Cities, including Book Two, as well as Let the Sky Fall.

Her stories make me SQUEE so hard, and I just. I can't.

I'm just afraid I'm going to do something embarrassing when I see her, like pass out, or burst into tears, or giggle like an idiot. I've already warned my family, who will be coming with me, that I cannot be held responsible for any fainting or exploding that may take place.

So, that's MY plan for this week--What's yours?

ANOTHER thing on my TO-DO list; 

I am trying to work on a Halloween story, set in my already made world, as a side story or such. I've done this last year with my Atrea gang, but this year I thought it be cool with my other friends, those from the Dragon Master Trilogy. 

I'm still working out the annoying details, such as when in between the books it actually TAKES PLACE, but so far I've come up short with a place I can squeeze it in. So this is all still up in the air, even though I'm DYING to write it, annoying details aside. 

But ANOTHER option is to just write a short Halloween story, that is unrelated to any of my current Novels. 

I have much to contemplate.

Anyway, I'll be back soon after Monday with, I'm sure, pictures and I CAN'T.'S about my event with Shannon Messenger, then I will be starting the Blog Challenge that I introduced HERE.

SUPER excited for tons of reasons. I have MANY new things planned for Defying Impossible, and they will all be known to you sooner or later, but most certainly sometime after Monday.

Now I must go Explode while trying to focus on my Halloween story. 

Even though I probably can't.

Because. I just.


Let's Get This Party Started

Hello All!

So this would technically be one of my first posts on Defying Impossible's Blog, considering some of the others are taken from my Facebook page, AKA the original Defying Impossible home, so.


*Confetti attack* *Party Music* *Strobe Lights* *ALL OF THE EXCITEMENT*

And I've decided to 'start out' by doing this fun little 'Thirty Day Blog Challenge' I've found!

30 Day Writer’s-Blog Challenge List:

  1. Five things you look for in friends
  2. Something you feel strongly about
  3. A book you love and why
  4. Something that could ruin your whole day
  5. Things you want to say to bullies/mean people
  6. Your views on the mainstream world
  7. Five pet peeves
  8. What you ate today
  9. How important you think education is
  10. Put your music player on shuffle and list the first ten songs that play
  11. Your family
  12. Five guys whom you find attractive in Fictional books
  13. Your opinion about your appearance and how you comfortable you are with it
  14. What you wore today
  15. Favorite Animal, Food, and Sport
  16. Something you always think “what if …” about
  17. Something that you are proud of
  18. A problem that you have had
  19. Five items you want
  20. Your fears
  21. How you hope your future will be like
  22. Your favorite scent
  23. Something that you miss
  24. Five words/phrases that make you laugh
  25. Something you’re currently worrying about
  26. Things you like and dislike about yourself
  27. A quote to try to live by
  28. Somewhere you’d like to move to or visit
  29. Five weird things that you like
  30. One thing you’re excited about

So I'm SUPER excited to get started on this in a few days!! I think it's a great way to get this Blog up and running, and to introduce myself to the World of Bloggingness.

Yes, 'Bloggingness' is a word now.

Thanks for reading and I hope you check back soon!

The Time I Became Thesaurus.com

Imagine with me:

You're sitting at your computer. You have a big cup of Coffee or Sweet Tea, perhaps a cat or two on your lap, and you're PLOWING away the words. You may be writing great, or you may know it's a little bit crappy, but it doesn't matter. Look at your word count! You're flying towards your goal!

But... Something doesn't feel right.

You stop and try to figure out what it is. You reread some of it: Your dialogue is flowing, your characters are acting true to themselves, your plot is moving along with strength, but...

Your words.

You're using the same ones over, and over, and over again.

You've described the same this three times, and used the SAME words!

You're using bland words that don't convey the emotion properly!

Oh, no. This is just TERRIBLE!

But wait, this can be fixed!

The only way I've found to make this not happen is to FIRST: Program your mind to NOTICE when you start to get repetitive. This is a hard thing, and it will often slip sometimes and you won't notice, but that's what rereading is for, right? So, when you get that awful feeling, force it into your head to notice WHILE you're writing. I've finally achieved this, and I notice nearly every time I use a word that was already in the past paragraph/sentence/page, or a boring word.

I know I hate it when books keep repeating the same words TIME AFTER TIME like there aren't 135 words that mean the exact same thing you could use instead.

And SECOND, you need to have the Thesaurus.com open on your browser.

This may sound lame, and incredibly tedious, but I promise, it makes a HUGE difference.

Anytime you want to find a different word, or you're repeating, or any number of other things, look to this tab.

The first few times I've done this, I noticed just how many times I needed to use Thesaurus.com in only five pages full or so. At first it was annoying; I realized how often I needed to find a new word, and it was began to make me feel small. How many times did I actually need to use this thing? I'd rather stumble on unknowingly than take the time every few sentences to click over to my other tab, right?

But then, something happened.

I started to use it less often, but not because I chose to ignore my repeating or old and boring words; I was doing it ON MY OWN.

It's like I BECAME Thesaurus.com, using all of these rare, brand new words.

I programmed my mind to not only NOTICE when I use a repetitive/old word, but also to instinctively FIX it.

My writing got SO much better, just in the course of a week or so! My words became fresher and better chosen, and it hardly took any effort from me.

This is an aggravating practice, but trust me, it pays off in the end.

There are many, many words out there, so why not use them?

Do YOU guys have any other methods for easily fixing repeating and old words? And just for fun, what are you FAVORITE words? I would love to know!

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful week!