How You Hope Your Future Will Be Like

Day 21 of the Writers-blog Challenge!

We're almost to 30, you guys!


And now to the question, which I will have much fun answering:

How You Hope Your Future Will Be Like

I am hopeful of many things in my future, but I'm doing more than 'hoping'.

I'm working towards my future and my dreams everyday, as I believe everyone should do if they REALLY want something.

I'm going to be published. This isn't really a question, considering ONE WAY OR ANOTHER I will eventually hold a copy of my book in my hands, whether it's through self publishing, through a company, ect.

I know that I'll make my book the best it could ever be through rewriting and editing and long nights with a bunch of caffeine and chocolate.

I hope my future to be full of inspiring moments, lots of cats, wonderful friends and family, and writing a TON of other books!

I want to write until I can't physically write anymore, because I will never run out of stories to tell, as most of us won't.

I hope sometime I'll have fans of my work, even if it's just one person who read my book and liked it, and I will be the kindest I can be to them. I am a firm believer in the fact that anyone can publish and write a book, but if the readers don't BUY it, then it just collects dust on the shelf. I would owe them all of my thanks and treat them like MY heroes.

I look forwards to every step of my future that God is planning for me, and I will trust Him to guide me through it all, like he already has so far.

What do YOU hope your future will be like?

Thanks for reading!