Five Items You Want/Your Fears

YES I know I'm terrible at keeping up, because I missed yesterday's Writers-Blog Post but at least this excuse is a really great one:

I could not put a post together yesterday because I spent every hour writing in NaNoWriMo's NaNoThon!

It's where people all over the world met in person, live-stream through YouTube, or on Twitter to write as much as possible every hour. It really helped a lot of people get caught up, and I WAY surpassed my goal of writing 2k words and hit 7k instead, leaving me with a total word-count of 20,000 words! NaNoThon really helped me get back into the zone, and I'll be writing some more right after I finish this up!

(And speaking of which--I did one of my first 'word-sprints', where you set a timer for ten/thirty minutes and write non-stop! I did two thirty minute session late last night, and wrote 2k extra words, just because I knew I was being timed. I will be doing it a lot more often now, and I recommend you try it out too!)

Day 19:

Five Items You Want

  1. A Pony. But who doesn't?
  2. There are about a million books I would LOVE to have, but unfortunately I don't have my own personal library to store them in!
  3. A new set of head-phones. One time when I had money (Those were the days.), I saw these children's head-phones at the store, and I figured "Oh, they're that cheap because most people won't have small enough heads to fit!". Of course MY head would fit, because I like to think of myself as a Hobbit (Fun-Sized is so over-rated.). So I was getting all excited and decided to buy them (Also because they were pink, so all bets were off.), thinking how clever the store was for selling them so cheap, because Adults/Teenagers couldn't wear them! Turns out, they must have been so cheap because the sound doesn't stay inside the headphones very well. It's like, if you play music through them, everyone in your house and Africa can be annoyed by my awesome Writerly music. I still use them, of course, but I would love a bigger, better set!...And that was the story of the time I decided to buy Children's headphones.
  4. A lap-sized dry erase board. I've been wanting one of these to do character time-lines, plot outlining, ect, because I've found I work better with VISUAL time-lines, rather then outlining by Document.
So, if anyone would like to spread the Christmas cheer, you are more than welcome to buy my any/all of the things on this list... You know, just if you feel like it...

I'm just kidding!

...But seriously.

Day 20:

Your Fears

Oh, geez, this isn't a good question. I'm afraid of MANY things!

I'm afraid of the dark, and I think that's the BIGGEST one.

I mean, don't get me wrong--I have an undying hate for spiders, but I've learned how to sort of ignore that sometimes.

Let's see... Wasps, heights (but only if my feet are not touching something solid), roller coasters, horror/scary movies, anything sharp (including needles), Crane's (or any other Bird that is unnaturally large), being alone, being in large crowds...

I think that's the most of them, but I'm sure there's plenty more.


I almost forgot the best one!:

I have this irrational fear that while I'm using the blow dryer, flames will erupt from the end and catch my hair on fire.

...Yes, I know...

But it's legit! I refuse to turn the setting onto hot, the same reason I refuse to lean too close to candles.


And so now you know what a wimp I am, and know how I appreciate my own characters bravery!

What are some things YOU want? What are your biggest fears? Feel free to share!  

Thanks for reading!