One Thing You're Excited About


Last day, guys!

*Confetti... Excited... EXCITED*

One Thing You're Excited About

I'm excited about everything, as you could clearly see above? Anything can make me excited!

But, I'd have to say I'm MOST excited for my books.

I've been going through this constant battle, you see, of which of my two series I would like to get published first.

It's a big question. It may not seem like it, right?

"Just make both look pretty and you'll know when the time is right--right?"


At least for me, it doesn't work like that. I need to know which book to put my blood, sweat, and tears into through revising and editing. I can't just go half and half. I've NEVER been that person.

I still haven't decided. I've been contemplating and Praying and DYING for an answer, for a goal and the decision to be made, and nothing's come yet, but I know that it will all work out in the end, and be the best choice.

Good things come to those who wait, so I will continue to wait and listen and hope that I will just KNOW which book I need to prepare for publishing first.

Either way, I'm VERY excited for them! My books and characters always just make me happy, and I love telling their stories.

Is there anything YOU'RE excited for? Do your books my you happy, too?

Thanks for reading my Thirty-Day-Blog-Challenge! I'll be back soon with more 'informational' posts full of cat pictures and cheesy jokes!