Your Favorite Scent/Something That You Miss

Day 22 and 23, anyone???

Yesterday was an incredibly wonderful busy-yet-relaxed day, and for the first time in a long time, I just felt like sitting on the couch playing Video Games.

Yes, that's right: I hardly even touched my computer after I completed my 2k word goal for the day.

It was actually wonderful, and I will be sure to be taking more breaks like that more often. It's a good idea to refuel on life experiences for stories, right?

Day 22:

Your Favorite Scent

Burning wood. Oak trees. Anything woodsy or smoky--something I could imagine smelling on a cold fall day. Like, really, I have an obsession with these smells.

Day 23:

Something That You Miss

Hmm... I guess I miss many things, considering I've moved all over the place in the course of my life, so I've had to leave many things behind.

I miss especially my old friend that I met a what seems like MILLIONS of years ago, but sadly had to move away. She and her family are really the only people from my past that I've made sure to keep in contact with, and the fact that we are still best friends proves that distance doesn't matter.

I also miss our old family cat, Zoe, who died a little while ago.

I miss my ATREA story right now, considering I'm writing on my OTHER series for NaNoWriMo, and all I want to do is join their adventures again in Re-Writing.

I miss my bedroom at our old house. I don't know if it was just because I was in that age where everything seemed simple and magical, but my bedroom was like a wonderland to me, and I still remember it that way.

What do YOU miss? What are your favorite scents?

Thanks for reading!