Something That You are Proud of/A Problem That You Have Had

I am aware I skipped yesterdays Writer-Blog Question, and will for sure make it up by answering both today!

Day Seventeen:

Something That You are Proud Of

Erm, geez, this is an awkward question. Like, anything I say is bragging!

I do think I have bragging rights over finishing twelve (soon to be thirteen) Novels. Normally, I wouldn't be so freakishly proud for writing, except that I can promise you I have put way too much blood, sweat, and ALL OF THE TEARS into these stories, so, yeah, I deserve to be proud of them, at least.

Day Eighteen:

A Problem That You Have Had

What an odd question, right?

Everyone has problems--big, small, they're all the same!

I don't have any giant problems in my life right now, and the ones I do have I believe life is too short to be constantly worrying over things.

I have many problems I suppose, some so small you would think I've lost my mind to fret about them, but I don't like troubling other's with the problems I should deal with myself and smile through.

But, one that I think many Writers can relate to, is:

I'm writing my NaNoWriMo Novel at the moment, but... I have all of these books I want to start but I have to wait until this month is over!

*Worlds Smallest Violin Plays*

I think that once you dedicate yourself to one book, all of these insanely great ideas come flooding out of nowhere to be obnoxious, because they KNOW you can't write them yet, so they just sit there and tease you from the sidelines! But I am doing my best to cope with the long wait, and I can't wait to reward myself with starting them once I finish my NaNo Novel!

What are you rewarding yourself with after you accomplish NaNoWriMo? Are you going through any big problems? What are you proud of?

Thanks for reading!