Five Guys Whom You Find Attractive in Fictional Books

Day Twelve!

Who's excited???

Today's question is:

Five Guys Whom You Find Attractive in Fictional Books

Uhm.. Hmm... How in the world do I narrow it down to five?!

practically every book I read has at least one guy I have a Fictional crush on, but I'll try to pick my favorites.

I'm judging this by not just looks, but attractive personalities and such as well. Pretty much just ALL AROUND ATTRACTIVE PERSONS.

  1. Will Harondale, from the Infernal Devices. You knew it was coming, but he comes first. He has to be not only one of my favorite male characters, but one of my favorite characters of ALL TIME.
  2. Prince Kai, from the Lunar Chronicles. Yes, I think he's precious. PRESHPRESHPRESH.
  3. Keefe Sencen, from Keeper of the Lost Cities. Yes, he's fabulous, all around in every way.
  4. Percy Jackson, from the Percy Jackson Series, OF COURSE!
  5. The Darkling, from the Grisha Trilogy. Yes, I am Team Darkling all the way. Who isn't?
PHEW--That was hard, narrowing it down, but I think I got the one's I love most.

Great characters written by great Authors that I admire in all ways.

And, because I can't stand leaving them out, I have to also give a shout out to the wonderful Jack from Half Upon a Time Trilogy, Leo Valdez, from the Heroes of Olympus, Prosper from the Thief Lord, Jace Wayland from the Mortal Instruments, and Ikuto from Shugo Chara! Because I just love so many people, right?

But, guess what? ALL of these characters have nothing on my Epic real-life Boyfriend. I felt I needed to add that, because I have bragging rights, yes? <3

What are some of your favorite male characters? What about female characters?

Thanks for reading, and Happy Writing! <3