Something You Always Think "What If..." About

Day Sixteen of the Writer-Blog Challenge!

Today's question is:

Something You Always Think "What If..." About

This is a very hard question for me, because I honestly love everything in my life, and I wouldn't want it any other way--but, just for fun, I sometimes try to imagine what my life would be like if I never fell in love with words.

What if I was never a writer?

This question horrifies me, but I still like to wonder.

Perhaps I would be a professional Artist or Photographer? If I never loved to write, maybe I would work with Children or Animals. I could be an Explorer who travels the world in search of beautiful sunsets and interesting forests.

Perhaps I would be friendly, and not as shy as I am now. Or perhaps I wouldn't be nice at all!

Instead of books on my shelve, I'd have Music Books, because I'd be the best musician this world has seen!

I could be a Sculptor, creating Pots and Figures every hour of my day.

I could be interesting, or I could be dull. I could be exciting, or I could be grouchy. I could be a Pilot or an Engineer. I could be anyone!

but I'm not. I'm me, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Not that these lives don't sound interesting, but as a Writer, I can still do each and every one of these things.

I can have my character do them. This can be their lives.

I travel worlds and create things--I can, and have done everything through the things I write!

(Plus, I have tried many of these things myself. I consider myself a 'professional Multi-tasker'. Anything that involving creating something, I consider it a Hobby of mine. Sculpting, Piano, Violin, Sewing, Drawing, Painting, Building, and, now, Blogging. Yes, I have many interests.)

What do YOU think What If about? What are your favorite Hobbies? 

Thanks for Reading!