Your Family

Happy November 1st, All!

How many words have you written so far???

I... honestly have not written as much as I would have hoped, but the day isn't over yet, right? I plan to get this party rolling after I finish this post, so let's keep it brief, shall we?

Day Eleven:

Your Family

Well, considering there are Creepers on the internet (Though if you're a Creeper, I hope you're not stalking around my Blog in the first place. Heheh.), I don't feel comfortable sharing as much as I want to say, because, really, I could go on all day about my wonderful Family, so I shall refrain from spilling their awesomeness, kay?

I am the youngest of three, my two older siblings being my Sister and my even older Brother.

My Sister is the one I go to spill out all of my new ideas like Word Vomit, but she listens anyway. Or, pretends to listen, I'm not entirely sure.

My Brother has the skill to look a lot like this.
Yes, be jealous.
My Brother... looks like an Otter if he does this weird thing with his face, but that's totally irrelevant. I guess he's a good at keeping me entertained, and a bit annoyed, naturally.

My Dad is my Cheer Leader, except he's a full grown man, so that's a bit weird sounding. He's always there when I need someone to read something, and I can trust him for unfiltered FeedBack.

My mom is I guess the one who started it all, and walks me through every step. She's me Editor, Adviser, Agent, Coach, Little Nagging Voice, ect. She always puts up with my ramblings, even when I get annoyed at the sound of my voice, myself.

Also part of my Family is my Pets: My adorable Mini Australian Shepherd Puppy, and my old cat Casper, who has been my Best Buddy since I was born!

My whole Family helps me plot, reads some of what I write (Only if I allow them to, such as Halloween Short Stories, Christmas Stories, ect.), and overall is just a huge inspiration to me.

I have the best Fan Base any Author could ever ask for: My Family.