Your Views on the Mainstream World

Day Six, anyone?

I'll try to keep this brief, because it's been an exhausting day, and I still need to get some done on my short Halloween story!

Today's Writer-Blog Question is:

Your Views On The Mainstream World?

Well, personally, I'm proud to say I'm a Hipster at heart, and I just don't do 'Mainstream'.

I think that some things titles mainstream are okay, but most of mainstream things are just plain bad, and nothing good comes out of it.

Our Mainstream world, to me, is just a bunch of people pretending to like the same thing, and pressuring others into liking it, too, to be 'cool' or whatever.

Peer-pressure is a horrible thing, and I think our Mainstream World is full of it to the edge.

I believe in being your own person, and not allowing anyone to tell you differently.

So what if you don't wear the clothes that everyone else wears? So what if you don't like the same TV shows, listen to the same music, say the same things, act the same way, because--honestly-- that's all it is: An act.

Beautiful people like you are acting, tricking themselves to think things are cool. They aren't true to themselves. They become copies of one another, because, that's what 'all the cool kids' are doing.

The world is full of bodies with masks--all looking exactly alike-- to hide their perfect soul that God created.

People now days think they can't be themselves and be cool, or perfect, or interesting. They look to all things Mainstream, trying to to lie to themselves and say this, this, is what will finally make them popular/cool/beautiful/exciting/ect, when, in truth, they were just becoming another ordinary Human.

We are souls, dear Readers--NOT Humans.

Humanity is the part in us that falls for temptation and lives for Sin--The part that wants to be like everyone else. Our Souls are who we are, the person within, the one that is eternal.

God created us first as perfect beings, then the Mainstream World tainted our light and tells us lies.

So, in short, I don't agree with the 'Mainstream World', and I like my life much better as a Hipster--Living the way God intended me to, liking what I like, being my own person, and speaking my own mind--not someone else's.

What are your opinions on the Mainstream World? 

Thanks for reading through this, even though I sort of sounded like a motivational speaker for a minute there!