Something That Could Ruin Your Whole Day

Hey All!

Quick update before I get to todays Writers-Blog Challenge:

It seems I'm throwing out random words in my latest short Halloween story, trying to get it finished in time!

I'm not writing this story for any particular reason: It's a deadline I set for myself, and I'm hoping to accomplish it.  I think things like NaNoWrimo and personal set goals are a good practice to get a writer prepared for the set-in-stone deadlines we will have to obey once we're published.

And, speaking of NaNoWrimo--Who's ready?! I am! I've got my new playlist full of epic classical music for my Novel (I highly recommend you check out the Album Illumination by Jennifer Thomas. I just found this music, but it's already one of my favorites!), I've got many plotting Free-Writes and multiple Plot Outlines made, and I think I've finally prepared enough for the third and final book to the Dragon Master Trilogy.


And now, I shall continue on with today's question:

Something That Could Ruin Your Whole Day

I can imagine many things that would put a damper on my day, from tripping down the stairs or being kidnapped by Aliens, but I'd have to say the most common would be finding a plot hole or having a bad writing day.

You see--This answer may seem a bit unrealistic, but it's true! If something happens in my writing that I don't like, or I find something that doesn't work, I beat myself up worst than anyone. I go on the rest of the day feeling unsatisfied and disappointed in myself, until I can plow forwards and fix the problem later.

My writing life and my real life is the same exact thing. There is no separating them, and there is no pulling them apart.

When something happens in one life, it effects the other, and vise versa.

It's a bit stressful at times, really, but sometimes you get that day where both sides are going good, both sides are exciting, and it creates a very happy me.

But, other days they don't match up at all and I'm left torn in two.

...A dramatic day in the life of me, right?

So there's my deep answer that is lacking logic, but I don't care. You probably think I'm some crazy psycho now, but I promise, I only talk to my cats when they talk to me, first!

What is something that could ruin YOUR day?  Do you separate your writing life from your real life?  

Thanks for Reading, and join my tomorrow for Day Five of the Writers-Blog Challenge!