Hello Blog-World!


This is a little place to learn 'All-About-Me', whether you're COMPLETELY INTERESTED or just vaguely curious.

I'm currently fourteen, but I believe age is just a number and the real age is in the Soul. Yeah, deep, I know.
I have already had a successful 'Blog' over on Facebook that you can find HERE.

I've already written a ton of stuff over there, but after a while I just got really tired of the 'Facebook layout'.
It was incredibly hard to put together good posts and so I decided to finally make a real Blog!

*Confetti attack*

I hopefully won't be leaving my Facebook page, but instead add it to my list of Defying Impossible that is ATTACKING THE INTERNETZ.

Ehm, anyway.

I'll explain some about my writing, yes?

I've been writing since I was eight, and haven't taken a break ever since.

 What got my started in writing wasn't 'the first book I read', but was instead my drawing. I would draw characters--Mostly animals and such-- and then I would put a story to them. I remember one of my favorites was A Cow Walking on the Sand. They were cartoons, almost. One day I may dig them out from my hiding place and look at them again, but I am content with leaving them buried, to be honest.

Practically, my mission in life is to Inspire other authors, and even other people, through my words and my stories, the way other books and authors have inspired me.

I have a five book series titled Atrea, and also another five book series set in the same world.

Recently, I've finished the first two books in my Dragon Master Trilogy, and I will be wrapping up the last one this November for NaNoWriMo. I'm VERY excited about that.

Now, I could go on all day about my stories. They excite me, they keep me entertained, and, well, they are my life. 

That MAY sound a bit ridiculous, like I'm some crazy cat lady who sits at her computer talking to her voices all day, and thought that is MOSTLY true, I have plenty of other things I find interest in.

I draw a whole bunch, and spend hours at a time organizing my room and reading more books than I can count.

I have many wonderful notebooks that never leave my side, and a favorite pencil I can't live without.

I live and breath stories, whether it comes out of a TV show (Such as Doctor Who, Supernatural, Merlin, Psych, Ect.), a Video Game (Such as Zelda, Pokemon, The Legendary Starfy, Ect.) or making them up as I walk along a street or stare out a window.

You can pretty much find me ANYWHERE on the internet, so make sure to check out the 'Where You Can Find Me' section down to the right on my Website!

I hope to be published one day, but who doesn't?

I have MANY authors that have books that inspire me, such as:

Shannon Messenger,

Rick Riordan,

Leigh Bardugo,

Marissa Meyer,

James Riley,

Cassandra Clare,

Soman Chainani,

Jessica Brody,

Marissa Burt,

Lisa McMann,

and many, many more!

I eat a lot, my characters are my best friend, and most importantly of all:

I look forward to starting this new part of my adventure, and sharing it with YOU!

So Hello to all of my returning fans and another Hello to all of the new ones! I look forwards to meeting you and sharing my experiences and crazy ramblings with you!

Now I'll be uploading some of my more 'put together' posts just to get caught up with all the time I've had my OTHER Blog open, so hang tight and thanks for reading!