Hello All!

Just wanted to give a quick update:

First off, I promise I'm not planning on being this lame forever. I haven't had time to plan a new Blog Post or you guys yet because I've been busy preparing to go out of town this Monday, which leads me to my SECOND update...:

I'm heading back to Saint Louise (Considering I was just there last week to meet the wonderful Rick Riordan.), to THIS time meet...

Wait for it...


*Confetti explosions... DYNAMITE Song Blaring Through the Ground... Million Person Dance Party*

I KNOW right???

So I am BEYOND excited.

Shannon Messenger is one of those Authors, to me, that is not in the same league as the others. There IS no competition. She has written some of the best stuff I have ever read, AND she is a super awesome person, so I cannot WAIT to meet her. 

She is the Author of Keeper of the Lost Cities, including Book Two, as well as Let the Sky Fall.

Her stories make me SQUEE so hard, and I just. I can't.

I'm just afraid I'm going to do something embarrassing when I see her, like pass out, or burst into tears, or giggle like an idiot. I've already warned my family, who will be coming with me, that I cannot be held responsible for any fainting or exploding that may take place.

So, that's MY plan for this week--What's yours?

ANOTHER thing on my TO-DO list; 

I am trying to work on a Halloween story, set in my already made world, as a side story or such. I've done this last year with my Atrea gang, but this year I thought it be cool with my other friends, those from the Dragon Master Trilogy. 

I'm still working out the annoying details, such as when in between the books it actually TAKES PLACE, but so far I've come up short with a place I can squeeze it in. So this is all still up in the air, even though I'm DYING to write it, annoying details aside. 

But ANOTHER option is to just write a short Halloween story, that is unrelated to any of my current Novels. 

I have much to contemplate.

Anyway, I'll be back soon after Monday with, I'm sure, pictures and I CAN'T.'S about my event with Shannon Messenger, then I will be starting the Blog Challenge that I introduced HERE.

SUPER excited for tons of reasons. I have MANY new things planned for Defying Impossible, and they will all be known to you sooner or later, but most certainly sometime after Monday.

Now I must go Explode while trying to focus on my Halloween story. 

Even though I probably can't.

Because. I just.