Five Pet Peeves/What You Ate Today?

Okay, okay, okay, I know I didn't post yesterdays question, but it's okay because I'm going to answer both questions today, right?

*Nervously throws confetti*

Day Seven/Eight!

Five Pet Peeves?

First Pet Peeve: Improper Grammar/Spelling--but was that really a debate?

Second Pet Peeve: Fake People. If you don't like me, don't smile to my face. I can see through your mask, and you're not fooling anyone, right?

Third Pet Peeve: Itchy Tags. If a shirt has any size tag, big or small, I get wigged out and have to have it cut off immediately or else I'll scratch my face off.

Fourth pet Peeve: When Restaurants get my order wrong. I understand misunderstandings and such, but, really, you have one job!

Fifth Pet Peeve: When someone thinks it's necessary to use a swear word every other letter. Again, I believe throwing out inappropriate language is just a weak mind trying to make a strong statement.

What You Ate Today?

I mean, I ate a lot of things today, and I do mean a lot (And proud!). I ate Hardee's for Lunch, because it's obviously the best choice, then ate some of my Mother's wonderful Pork Roast and salty Mashed Potatoes. And right now I am scarfing down a Chicken Wrap from McDonald's, because what else would you be doing at this time of night?

So, there were Today's and Yesterday's questions asked and answered!

And, quick update in case anyone cares:

I finished my Halloween story!

*Celebrates and rests sore fingers*

I'm more than certain it was complete gibberish near the end, because I was running on Midnight energy when I finally finished it, but oh well. I'm glad I was able to complete it, good or bad!

And... Am I the only one freaking out that NaNoWriMo starts in, like, four days???

Luckily, I am eagerly freaking out, not the Omg-I'm-So-Unprepared-And-I-Can't-Do-This-And.

I would start this book tomorrow if I could, yet I shall wait for Nov. 1st. I am beyond excited to write the Third and Final book to the Dragon Master Trilogy!

Anyway, that's what's new for me.

 What about you guys? What Novels will you be working on this November?

Thanks for Reading, and be sure to check back tomorrow!