How Important You Think Education Is

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Today's question is:

How Important You Think education Is

Well, it really depends on what type of education you're talking about.

I think people should read. Obviously. I think if more people in the world read more books, we'd be living in a smarter, more brilliant society. Yet people don't and I want to throw books at them until they decide to pick it up and learn something from the wonderful world of fiction.

But really, if people read more, they would become braver, they would think more often before they speak, they would have better role models, better spelling, be better able to care for people and small things in the world. Ahhh, what a perfect world that would be.

But, if you're talking about education as in what they teach in any ordinary school?


I'm homeschooled myself, and I've never stepped foot into a public school building, but I have many friends, and I understand what goes on inside a classroom, and... I think that some things schools teach kids these days are good--such as math and typical subjects, because everyone needs to learn things like that, right?--But I also believe there are some things... I guess, some things that they aren't teaching them.

They may be teaching them education, but they are not showing them how to use it. Sure, hand a kid an essay; they may do good, they may not. But what comes out of it? Do they walk away with anything besides a bunch of random information they don't know how to use, or knowing if they accomplished it or failed it?

School is supposed to grow people in their education, but there is more to education than math books and science. If you're going to get all these kids in the same place at the same time, why not teach them something worthwhile? Teach them how to use their education instead of dismissing it, and show them how to be good people.

If school's didn't treat students the way they did today, teaching and not letting them learn, I think the next generations would be with more open minds, more patient, more excited to learn, ect.

I think education is very important, don't get me wrong--but I also believe education shouldn't be all there is. school should not be the only time you're learning, and half of the people in our world? That's exactly what they're doing.

What is YOUR opinion on education? What's your favorite subject in school?

Thanks for reading and I invite you to check back tomorrow!