Something You Feel Strongly About

Hello All!

How is the people of the wold doing today?

I have  ULTRA-SUPER-AWESOME-EXCITING news to share with you coming this November! So GET EXCITED.

Now: Time to answer question number TWO of the Thirty Day Writers-Blog Challenge!

Today I'm supposed to write: Something You Feel Strongly About

This is really a harder question than what it seems, considering I feel strongly about many things, but I suppose the topic I feel most strongly about is words. 

Figures, right?

Because out of everything else in the World that is constantly changing and stretching and morphing into something different, each and every day, words stay the same.

Words express feelings, words can break a person or calm a person, they can be used as commands, something to read. Books full of words, pouring from the pages into our hearts--for hundreds of years they've done this! And, overall, words create things.

It's one of the many reasons I'm a Writer.

People fade into the Universe, items can wither and decay, money can rip and Friendships can break; But words are forever.

It brings me back to one of my favorite quotes:

"You won't last forever, so make sure to create something that will."

That's exactly what I find with words. I can last forever through my words, being read who knows how far into the future. You can to!

So when the World changes and the ground slips from underneath my feet, words are one of the only things left that bring me comfort.

While writing, I feel eternal. It's a wonderful thing. I feel like I'm working towards not only my dream, but someone else's. Someone else who will read it however many years from now and fall in love with the characters all over again.

And I think I've rambled on enough about this, don't you? But, really, you don't ask a Writer what they feel strongly about--You'll have them talking for hours!

What do YOU feel strongly about? Anything you could go on for hours about?

Thanks for reading!