A Book You Love and Why?

Oh boy-- Todays question is really asking for it!

Day Three of the Writers-Blog Challenge question is:

A Book You Love and Why?

I'll try to keep this under five pages long, but let's see, shall we?

A book I love... I'm going to choose Unremembered.

Unremembered, written by Jessica Brody, is not just one of my favorite books, but one of those books I love to love--Make sense?

It's not just the characters and the story and the idea that I fell in love with--it was all of the little things.

First reason of why I love it, is that it is highly apparent that Jessica Brody did her research before starting the first word; everything is smooth, and calculated, and it's one of those books that you can read without effort, which means a great deal of effort was put into the writing itself.

The subject is a rather confusing idea and the plot gets so ASDFGHJK at one point that it's insane how the Author created it all, but it's written in a way that it's so simple.

It makes you think hard, but it's a lovely story that I LOVE to love.

Reason number TWO would be, of course, the Romance.

Now--let me explain.

I fall head over heels for a good Romance (Good romance being Not-Twilight.), but this one takes the prize for my favorite!

This isn't one of those:

"Girl meets boy. Girl falls in love. Guy pretends he doesn't care. Guy falls in love. Drama. Drama. They spend 200 pages of the story kissing. Happily ever after."

This story delivers Romance--REAL Romance-- as it should be.

This doesn't give Teenagers now days the illusion of 'perfect-love' like nearly every other book/movie/TV show in existence. It doesn't say True Love looks like two unsupervised Teenagers meeting one day, being totally in love. it doesn't tell Teenagers now days that True Love is loving a boy even if he's a total jerk to you, or allowing him to mistreat you, but 'he's just too attractive to leave'.

This story shows almost an old fashioned Romance--before modern-day twisted and turned it into what it is
today; casual and disturbing.

For an example:

The main couple in this book spend their time talking to one another, and looking after one another, instead of going through all of this Drama and stupidity. Instead of having huge 'Making-Out' scenes, the most precious thing is a kiss on the head, or a meaningful hug, but it's done in a magical way that carries impact.

I absolutely loved this book because it shakes things up. It makes people walk away with:

  • A different view on Romance.

  • A different view on how to write.

  • A different view on reading.

  • A different view on life.

It's truly an inspiring book filled with mystery and excitement and total Presh with every word. This book is powerful, and very brave, and I love that.

Big thanks to the wonderful Jessica Brody for writing them!

Hm, this wasn't nearly as long as I had expected! WIN. 

What's a book YOU love?

Now go out, buy the book, and join me tomorrow for Day Four of the Writers Blog Challenge!

Thanks for Reading! <3