A Christmas Break

Can you guys believe it's almost Christmas?

I sure can't.

Truthfully, it just doesn't feel like it's nearly Christmas to me right now, and I know there are many reasons for that.

What are my reasons for not feeling the 'Christmas spirit', you ask?

Well most of it, I believe, is stress. Like, seriously, I can't even enjoy my favorite time of the year because I've been so nervous and panicky and UGH.

I'm feeling this way because of many reasons, the biggest one being the deadline to have my messy book clean and edited in fifteen days for a full review of it. Now, this is a really big thing, and it wouldn't be so hard if it wasn't the first in a three book series, so there's all of these things I need to add/take away/rethink because they just didn't end up fitting the rest of the plot that I created months later.

Other reasons I'm stressed out is because I haven't been keeping up with my posts on here, and the same with my own personal Journals that have been sadly abandoned for much to long.

So--after much consideration and many whale-like-moans, I have decided to not finish the edits for my book before the deadline. I REALLY want that review, but if it's causing me to not enjoy my Winter, and stress me out like it is and fry my brain and make me this aggravated with everything in my life, the best choice is to take it away. I will always have next year, so I've finally given myself permission to not let it hold that kind of power over me, and just have a while off, for once.

Also--I've decided to not pressure myself so much with this Blog and my Journals--just until after Christmas, I promise!

I don't think you know how much I love Winter--I spend all year waiting for this one time, and I feel like I'm missing all of it because I've taken on too much and chose to have all of this stress in my life, so I'm doing something I don't normally do, and I'm saying no. I'm getting rid of things that are stressing me out so that I can enjoy my life to the fullest.

I'll post when I can and when I WANT to, and I'll be back on track in January with new and exciting things!

Now, I am finally allowed to do the things I enjoy, instead of telling myself no because I reserved all of my time for editing!

I'm going to finally finish the final book in the Dragon Master Trilogy (and complete the second Kingdom Hearts game on the PS2 because, seriously, why not?)!

I hope you all are having a wonderful Winter full of peace and Christmas spirit, doing things you enjoy and surrounded by people who only make you happy!