Happy 2014!

I'm back!

Did you miss me terribly?

I'm sure you did--what are you talking about?

So, last you heard of me I was taking a break from anything and everything to enjoy the Holiday's, including Blogging, Journaling, all things that stressed me out and, most importantly, Editing.

I followed all of these rules I set for myself. Except for one.

I did indeed edit, despite everything I promised myself. I kept thinking 'it's okay, I don't have to do this. There's always next year. I'll just relax this month!" and I'd go to open up one of my documents that I actually enjoy writing in, but I literally couldn't type a single word because I knew I could be editing.

The deadline to have the edited book submitted was, oh yeah, yesterday at midnight, having given me only a month to edit it, and... I did it!

Without even an hour to spare, I got it sent and finished, and even though this whole month was a blur of repeating words and thesaurus.com and rereading and reading out loud and late nights and tons of coffee and caffiene... I learned many things.

First thing I learned is that there should indeed be a balance between words and real life. Not to say they should be separated, but I just realized through this hectic month that I need to take care of myself properly, no matter when the deadline is. I lost a lot of sleep and kept having these panic fits anytime I counted and said 'Oh my gods, only ten days left!', and 'By the Angel! Five days left I can't finish it on time there's no way I can't breath I fail I-'

...But I did it.

With the help of my wonderful Mum and Sister, it's sent and over with, and I feel accomplished.

Second thing I learn is that, though I am clearly bad at following the orders I set for myself, I proved to myself that I could do anything if I put my mind to it.

Now I'll throw myself onto the couch and stay there for a few years or so.

But--yes, I forgot one thing...


Another year, full of more opportunities and words and wonderful experiences and excitement and new things.

My goal is to move forwards this year. I won't step backwards--I won't stand still. I'm going to keep trying in all areas of my life, and won't quit until my goals are achieved!

I will be resuming my posts on here as best I can, and now I'm going to dive into my to-read pile that I've been dying to get to!