Top Three Thursday: Gifts for Writers!

An honor of my Birthday that just passed on April 22nd, I've decided this weeks Top Three Thursday will be about Gifts for Writers!

Now, everyone loves presents, topped with bows and heaps of love (Unless you're one of those people that give gifts out of obligation. Then it's heaped with hatred or poison, but it's just as well.).

 Those who know you better, such as best friends or family, will know you inside and out and will instinctively get you the most perfect gift ever.

But what about those who don't know you as well?

They know you're a writer.

But still--what do you buy a writer?

We are sad, strange little beings with entire worlds in our heads. Do you get them a mental help? Do you get them a Unicorn?  (The answer to that last one is yes. Yes. Get them a Unicorn.)

I'll list my personal Top Three suggestions down below on MY ideal gift!

            1. Books!

It's pretty obvious, isn't it? Writers read, so getting them a book is a pretty safe area.

But what kind of book?

You might check out their To-Read Goodreads page to see what books they have and don't have, want desperately or will-get-to-it-someday. You might ask people they're close to to stalk their shelves to see if it's there.

And, worse case, if you can't figure out what book to get them, just get them a helpful Book-On-Writing. Some of my favorites are listed over HERE, so that may be a good place to start!

         2. Writing Tools!

Get them a cool pencil, a notebook with kittens on it, a sketchbook to create timelines on!

I know that I can never have too many pencils/pens/ect, and I'm sure I'm not the only one!

Or get them some Writing themed gifts, such as a T-Shirt or picture! One of the best places for Writerly gifts can be found HERE!

       3. Something Fluffy!

And by this, I don't mean you have to go out and buy them a pet cat (Thought that would be appreciated).

I mean get them a stuffed animal--a cat, a bunny, a teddy bear. Writers are very lonely people, spending hours at a time locked away in their bedroom in front of a blank page, and it's always helpful to have a fuzzy little friend to hug when we're getting stressed out, to tell all of our plot lines to, or, on occasion, to throw across the room when we see a horrible plot hole.

I know that I like to write surrounded by little fluffy friends and, again, I'm sure I'm not the only one!


So there are my Top Three suggestions on Gifts for Writers! 

Now go out and share some love with the Writer in your life, and go out and buy some of these things for yourself! You deserve it!

What do you think is a good gift for a writer? Do you agree with any of these?

Thanks for reading!