Top Three Thursday: Motivational Quotes!

Kay, kay, kay, here on time to deliver the newest Top Three Thursday!

Here we go...

Favorite Motivational Quotes for writing guys!

           1. Favorite Writing Quote Number One: 
                  "If I waited for perfection, I would never write a word." - Margaret Atwood

I really love this quote, and live by it daily. Everyone says writing is hard--they say they can't do it right, they say they they can't find the right words, they say no one would understand it or it's not good enough and not interesting enough.

They say writing is a difficult challenge that they could never accomplish.

But writing is only hard if you are waiting for perfection. 

If you're trying to get these perfect, magical words to flow out of you the first time you sit down at a blank page?

It won't happen. You won't write a single word.

Only you are putting pressure on yourself to be perfect--first drafts don't need to be perfect, just written.

So get the sloppy, lame words down that don't hold any logic at all, and save the rest for editing. Just write it and have fun!

           2. Favorite Writing Quote Number Two:
                     "I wrote my first novel because I wanted to read it." - Toni Morrison

Another quote I really really love.

When you're writing a novel?

You don't have to know everything!

All you have to do is use your own two hands to write down words. Yes--look for inspiration, plot it out, plan, brainstorm. Have fun with it and go on new adventures. Jot down ideas and create plot twists.

But if your characters don't surprise you at least once, you're not doing it right. If something, SOMEWHERE in the story doesn't shock you, if something unexpected down't happen, then you're putting too much pressure on yourself.

In a way, you're just another reader. You're telling the story, but you're also simply going along with your characters to distant lands.

So sit back sometimes and clear your mind--watch what happens!

         3. Favorite Writing Quote Number Two:
                 "Keep your head in the clouds and your hands on the keyboard." - Marissa Meyer

This last on is from one of my favorite authors, Marissa Meyer!

I absolutely love this one, because I think it accurately captures the way a writer thinks. It's so perfect.

Because I can never just stick with the top three, below I'll list a few of my other favorites!

  • "Three paragraphs a day, keeps the writer's block away." - Unknown

  • "Whether or not you write well, write bravely." - Bill Stout

  • "Don't tell me the moon is shining; Show me the glint on the broken glass." - Anton Chekhov

  • "Write the book you want to read." - Unknown

  • "A writer never has a vacation. For a writer a life consists of either writing or think about writing." - Augene Ionesco
(I'm not like entirely certain if these are the proper names these quotes are by, and where they are marked unknown that is just because I couldn't find who originally said them. So don't kill me if one of these are wrong!)

Do you have any favorite quotes? Which do you try to live by?

Thanks for reading!