I'll Be Back Soon!

Just popping in to say I am incredibly sorry for not posting  recently, but I will be on a super short break until May 3rd or so due to a super busy schedule, and, also, April is nearly over, which means Camp NaNoWriMo is nearly over.

Just yesterday, I think it was, I hit my word goal of 50k, but the story itself isn't finished, so I'd really like to see how much I can get done of it before the end of this month. So wish me luck?

And, to hold you over until I'm back, just know that I have some really truly exciting things going on to make Defying Impossible bigger and better and branching out in multiple different ways, but I will talk more on this--you guessed it--when I'm back in May!

But one of the many things headed your awesome direction is a Book Haul Post where I will be talking about all of the beautiful books I got for my birthday this April. Look forward to it!

For now, don't forget to follow me on ALL OF THE PLACES to keep up to date with what I'm obsessing over and what's new around the Book and Writing community, where I always Share/Reblog/Retweet/ect all useful information on new releases and such that I find.

I'll leave the links down below, and feel free to stalk me there!

What have you all been up to? Get any writing done lately?