Top Three Thursday: Genres!

Hello lovelies!

I'm back with new posts and new enthusiasm and TONS OF NEW SECRETS to be revealed within time.



Today I'm going to tell you about my Top Three favorite genres to write in!

Until recently I never really had the need to put my books into different genres, because to me I was only ever writing a story and I didn't care if it would be considered a MG or a YA or a Fantasy or a Thriller. I wrote the story my characters had to tell, and the rest wasn't important.

But, of course, I've lately had to really think about the categories and age groups my books would be put into with the view of publishing that will be happening in the later future.

For Editing and Revising and such, I've really had to get into the right mindset for who my readers will be, so that will make this list a bit easier to create.

           1. Romance


When I first thought about it and realized that I mainly wrote YA Romance, I almost threw up, because this is DEFINITIVELY not what I ever imagined myself writing. But though there is so much more to the stories I've written, the main theme is a love story.

Either between two characters or the character and their power or the character and a villain--my stories  would be considered to have a big touch of Romance, whether I intended to or not.

Though it's truly not very surprising considering when I was little I was all about true love and riding into the sunset to live in a big fairy tale castle.

I guess I never really outgrew it.

         2. Fantasy

I think that really I mainly write Fantasy Romance, if that's a thing, but it feels weird to separate them considering I don't strictly write one or the other.

I like using Supernatural/Magical elements in my stories, from Ghost to Dragons, but I absolutely hate the standard basics.

I make them my own because I believe the world's to small to be full of the same ideas repeated over and over, right?

         3. Realistic

That last on tho.


This didn't happen until recently, actually--I'd had many, MANY ideas for ideas set on Earth, with no magic elements. I have a ton of little plot bunnies, but none of them really grew into a fluffy rabbit of plot twists.

But this April's Camp NaNoWriMo Novel did, and it carried me to 50k words, and it's still not finished.

It has a plot and characters and I was shocked to find how much I loved writing in a modern day setting, because this is a first for me.

I found that instead of having, say, Dragons and Ghosts, I put the Magic into the words instead of into the plot. It's been neat to try something new.

It's also gotten me wanting to try a few other genres, though really I believe I dabble in many things.

Stories can, even in a single book, range from Sci-Fi to Mystery to Comedy to Adventure to Tragedy to Action. I think the best stories are a mix of many things--too big and too great to be defined by one measly little category.

What about you? What Genres do you enjoy writing in?

Thanks for reading!