Never Stop Learning!

I believe that Authors should never stop learning.

That's right--I don't care if you're published. I don't care if you're a writing teacher or if you've taught 100,000 classes to 236 famous, best-selling authors. I don't care of you've researched for three hours straight. I don't care if you've been New York Times best seller list for six hundred years in a row.

You can always learn more, and it sickens me when writers--PEOPLE--think otherwise.

There are a million different articles and blog-posts out there about the same exact thing, with a million different views and opinions. You can learn so much about the same thing, and even if you have your own beliefs about something doesn't means everyone else is wrong.

We as humans, in our own lives, should learn every hour of our lives.

No, I don't mean sit down and take a test for school or read a huge book about the History of the entire Earth.

I mean we should learn small things. Big things and small things and things that might not even matter. I am always seeking to know more--about people, about the world, about writing, about everything and anything I can. Anything I care about.

Most people may think they know everything about a certain subject, and you probably know a lot. I'm not doubting that. It's good to research and be able to be resourceful on topics that you are passionate about.

But someone who's really smart about things will know that they don't really know everything, and that there are still tons of information left out there to discover.

You may be ten or sixteen or thirty or eighty years old. It doesn't matter. There is always going to be knowledge out there to better yourself with.

Because even now, today, writers young and old are still writing and talking about character development and the easiest way to outline a plot and how to be a brave writer and what's the best route of publishing.

As long as there are people breathing and minds thinking there will be new opinions, and to shut of your own mind and say "No, I already know enough." is an absolutely horrible thing to do.

We will never know enough. We can discuss theories and create writer groups and share our own ideas with the world and though it's all probably been done before it doesn't matter because it hasn't been done by YOU, and there has never, ever been another you, and there never will be.

So never stop learning and never stop looking for ways to help yourself write better. Never stop practicing and helping others, and let others help you.

Do you still search for ways to do better? What's a subject do you know a lot about?

Thanks for reading!