I'm Not the Only One That's Sick

And I don't mean in the sense that there are other people out there that have Depression, because of course there are, but I mean I've found so many other people are sick with something far worse, believe it or not, and that something is


And Selfishness.

And idiocy, to put it bluntly.

We live in a world where we are fed lies and filth and told we are free, yet we are laughed at if we are to be ourselves.

We live in a world where being weak is considered 'cool' and where being lost is actually a location.

We live in a world where acts of kindness are shocking and admired yet we nod and shrug when we see death and murder and these horrible, disgusting things on the news.

Is the world really that much in flames today?

People are selfish and pathetic. People are either self-righteous or self-harming and it's hard to find an in between.

We are full of thoughts as fake as plastic and just as copied and pasted as the models nipped and tucked who we are supposed to look like. Who we are supposed to WANT to look like, because we ourselves are not good enough.

People are killing one another and everyone is fighting, all the time, all day--themselves or their peers or strangers.

It's hard to be good or want to be good in this world because of you, all of you--lying and cheating and stealing and DESTROYING. Your "not caring" is going to burn this world to the ground. All of the destruction makes it hard to see any way to be rebuilt.

Friendship means nothing today and strangers are something to be wary of because, who knows, they might stab you when you're not looking, and don't even get me started on how worthless love is to people.

What is love anyway? We sure as heck don't know as humans.

People call each other ugly and worthless and say hateful things because someone said the same things to them last week.

When you open your blind eyes are you really surprised that I'm depressed? Really? That anyone is? My gosh.

We live in a world where woman have to carry around pepper-spray or wear neck to ankle dresses or else it is 'our fault' that we are raped and beat and harassed and abused.

We live in a world where men believe girls are not people but objects to break or set on a shelf and those who don't think this way are ignored.

Men belittle women and women belittle men.

No. It doesn't matter WHAT gender you are--you should respect women whether you are one or not. You should respect men whether you are one or not.

Have we really become that hateful?

To not even respect our own? To not even respect ourselves?

I see people who believe in nothing and are living for nothing. They have no future nor determination. Nothing to carry them farther than that summer night where they're drunk or smoking or destroying their life all for temporary pleasures.

Well, there is more to your life than tonight, dear, so ask yourself what the heck will you do when it’s all faded? Will you look back on your bad choices and stupid decisions with pride when you are older?

Distractions are short-lived and your little friends want to use you. What about when you're older? What then? Good luck.

And too many adults act like brainless children--they reprimand teenagers when they don't even have their own lives figures out but yet they should take their own advice.

Divorce and betrayal and abuse and sheer stupidity. What the heck? What are you even doing?

Does no one have the decency? Does no one have the brains? Does no one have the heart?

To stand up and LIVE for something because you're all wasting away and one day you'll be dead and will you have anything to be proud of that you haven't destroyed?

Oh, there was that one night-

Oh, but I had so much fun when-

No. Stop. Stop it.

Who the heck cares how much FUN you're having?

Temptation preys on the weak, and all I'm seeing is weakness.

Why are you here? Why were you put on this Earth?

Heck if I know, but I do know it wasn't for you to have FUN for one night, one tiny blink that doesn't even matter, and then waste away. We're here to love each other and be there for one another, not write the word "enemy" on anyone who disagrees with you.

It's everywhere--it's on TV and on the news and in public and in my head.

Straighten up. Be a human being, not a spineless dog. Barking and biting at one another and cowering when someone tells them the truth.

Get over yourself. Love someone who makes you better, not someone who "pleases you". Gosh. Find friends who hang out with you not when you're the last resort, but who actually wants to because they see the good in you. Friends who encourage you and show you you can have fun without killing yourself in the process.

Listen to music that inspires and do things that are safe and healthy and if there is temptation in your life get rid of it. Spit on it and rip it apart, since you're all so angry all the time. Turn your anger away from other people and yourself and towards the negatives that are tearing you into pieces, alright?

And please live your life like you actually have a dang purpose, okay? Because you DO have a purpose.

It's two AM and I'm not even going to regret this tomorrow.