A Post About... Love???

Aye, you heard it right.

That was weird I just sounded like a pirate.


Indeed, I'm going to talk about "love" for a little bit.

I recently stumbled upon someone sharing their opinion that unless you are 28 or older, you cannot experience love.

They said that they get sick seeing these young people getting married and claiming to be in love.

As if love is an emotion that gets "unlocked" after you turn 28?

As if, when you hit that age, this vital part of being a human being magically opens your eyes and you're like WOW. I CAN BE IN LOVE NOW.

Oh my gaaaawd I've never heard anything so stupid. Actually I have, but this is right up there with just the stupidest.

Sure, some people fake their love. Sure, some people may not understand the HUGENESS of what saying those words mean.

But don't you DARE say that teenagers and young people are not capable of true, deep love.

You may not see it often but it's still out there, and it's still very much real.

Personally, I encourage teenagers to fall in love. I encourage them to embrace it even if idiots say that they're "too young" to feel these things. Of course, don't go overboard with it, meaning don't be reckless about it, but you can be in a very happy, healthy relationship, and with enough communication and patience, you might just end up marrying that person.

Of course, it could also end in disaster, but could that not also happen after you turn 28? Yes. Yes it could. Being a certain age does not change that. It is all about the person and their maturity and their passion.

I, of course, was in a relationship for two years with someone that I loved with my whole heart. I was very much capable of it, and also capable of seeing my future with this person, and never once doubting if I was "old enough" to love to the extent of my heart.

What happened then? Well, obviously it ended, and I could never fully see just how much I loved until all of that love was broken.

But that's just life. You fall in love and sometimes it doesn't work out. I wouldn't change that time in my life for anything, because I learned so much about myself through it, and now I know who I am better, as odd as it is.

But there is that one person--that one beautiful, shining soul that fits with yours. You might meet them soon, and you might be waiting many years. Either way, it has nothing to do with how OLD you are.

For instance, I know that he's out there for me. The perfect person. I can't say who it is or when I'll find him, but I don't have a doubt in my mind that he's somewhere in the world right this minute.

And that's exciting to think about, don't you agree? Sure, it's a bit sappy and romantic, but what the heck is wrong with that?

I embrace my 'childish' side, considering I was the little girl dreaming of princes and carriages that took me to my big castle with my 'one true love'.

Call me naive, call me clueless, but this is something in my life that I've never given up, not even under my current circumstances.

I was broken, yes, badly. I'm still a little messed up and quite a bit disheveled, but I will never lose my certainty in falling in love again, and it will be just as real and just as beautiful as the first time.

Who knows, I may fall in love many times. I may fall in love just once more. I can't begin to say.

But I am content to wait as long as it takes.

Until the day I meet my own Prince Charming, I will continue to fall helplessly in love with fictional guys, and my own heroic characters who woo my girls in the story with fluffy cat ears or sword skills or endless secrets.

Thank you for reading!