Hospital Gowns Are So Stylish

It rained today and it was lovely. Nothing like being cold and wet in a Hospital to brighten your day.

My Check-Up was today, after three weeks of being on my Antidepressant.

It went better than expected.

Granted, I know I haven't been doing as much stretching, eating as much as I should have, but I mean I'm not too worried about it considering I gained two pounds and the Doctor said she can clearly see an improvement just in the way I look.

So that was great.

We brought up my Scoliosis and she sent us over to the Hospital to get my spine X-Ray done and I was like: as long as there are no needles or pain I will go peacefully.

So after trailing through countless white hallways that all looked the same, I had to sit in a waiting room and be nervous because I'd never done this so of course I had to use the restroom because I have to pee when I'm nervous. Sorry if that's too much information but ask anyone at the Theater right before show-time.

Then I was called back and I had to sign my name which was like a lopsided C and a bunch of scribbles because I wasn't prepared for this. Then I had no idea what today's date was so I had to ask. Ha go me.

I got to change into two gowns--like, one on front and one on back. So fashionable.

This freaky machine did all the work and truthfully I almost fell asleep laying there--I didn't, though, we were already leaving.

We'll know hopefully by tomorrow what the percentage of the Scoliosis is, and I'll keep you all up-to-date, but when it comes to seeing the Doctor for my depression, my appointment isn't until two months from now, unless of course I need to see her sooner.

I've been sleeping in my Mom's room, in case you didn't know, since I went to the doctor the first time because I was not allowed to be alone and nights were the worse for me, but thanks to a good checkup I'll be able to sleep in my own bed again, under the strict promise that I'll wake Mom up if I don't feel safe.

I will, of course, but I really think I'm going to be okay, and if not then I just need more time, and that's alright, too.

Also I woke up to my throat scratching like crazy, so thanks to my Brother for "sharing the love" of his sickness. Though if anyone's sick, chances are I'll catch it shortly after. Egck.

I'm sleepy and achy and really can't make myself do anything but listen to Brian Crain's beautiful music, because it helps get me in a happy place.

So keep on keeping me in your Prayers! I love you all and thanks for reading!