Top Three Thursday: Writing Blogs!

I have a new Top Three Thursday for you today, this week featuring my Top Three favorite Blogs recommended for Writers!

There are many, MANY wonderful Writing Blogs out there, and all of the have some good content that is worth reading and worth learning from, and then you have those unique little Blogs that explode priceless information like rainbows and just are so good the you must hold them close and dear and basically stalk them any chance you get.

I shall now list my Top Three favorite Blogs-To-Stalk:

           1. Blog Number One: Writers Helping Writers

               I've been a proud follower of this particular Blog for a very long time, and I absolutely adore it! 

The wonderful Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi run this Blog, also the same people who wrote the Emotion Thesaurus, as well as the Negative Trait Thesaurus and the Positive Trait Thesaurus! (I have yet to purchase the last two, but I'm sure they're epic!)

            2. Blog Number Two: Go Teen Writers

                This Blog is run by the lovely Stephanie Morrill and Jill Williamson. They have some awesome books written by themselves, but they've also together written the Go Teen Writers book. I, again very sadly, have not read this one but I'm dying to get my hands on it. 

I love this Blog very much. It's really great for Teen Writers in all stages of the Writing process.

            3. Blog Number Three: Creative Writing with the Crimson League

               I adore this Blog a ton! It has so many tips and tricks and advice that I could spend hours over there and just lose myself!

And those have to be my Top Three favorites! 

To see my other favorite Blogs, scroll on down to the bottom right on my Blog and I have a whole nifty little list for you!

Go! Stalk away!

What are your favorite Blogs? Are you a stalker of any of the three listed above?

Thanks for reading!