The Future/Let the Storm Break Awesomeness!

I've been learning a lot recently about how to let the future do it's own thing.

Honestly, I'm still struggling with this, but it's a lesson I am happy to learn.

A lot of questions are clouding around my mind, and they all have one thing in common:

The future.

MY future.

It's all about publishing and writing and smart choices and right choices and basically it's all just a jumbled mess I've been trying to sort through, but I simply can't.

And I've found that, though there are things  I can do to improve my future, and I can try as hard as I can to change my future, but, in the end, it's not up to me. Whatever happens will happen, and I just have to trust it and let go.

And this is a difficult thing for me. I've never been one to be a 'control-freak', but when it comes to my writing, which I am very protective and passionate about, I take things very seriously and honestly, and I'd prefer to be completely in control and calm about things.

But, if I wanted calm, being a writer is the wrong thing to be.

So this is my first lesson in keeping my head above the water of troubles, and not letting panic or fear or uncertainty influence me.

I'll figure it out in the end, and I still have plenty of time, so for now I'm just letting go and letting God, and trusting him to carry my through this.

Is there anything you're worried about? What makes you feel stress-free?

I have bunches of exciting LET THE STORM BREAK stuff going on!

"A Super-Short Review by Defying Impossible:

Ohhh, wow.

Where oh where to begin?

I've read some reviews saying this book was a total disappointment, highly depressing, anti-climactic, ect. And then I've read OTHER reviews that say this book is everything they wanted to be and more, was exciting and interesting, was swoon-worthy and perfect.

And I most certainly agree with the second reviewers.

In this book we, again, have both Vane and Audra's POV, and for some reason with this book I really noticed how different the characters voices were, and absolutely loved how they were so unique.

We met many new wonderful characters in this book, and some wonderfully evil, but I still loved them all, and I can't wait to learn more, more, more.

Vane is his usual snarky self, but he surprised me many, many times in this book, and, well... I'm so proud of my little Vane! <3

Audra... I have to admit, until, like, halfway through, I was really ticked off at her. I was angry at her for everything that she did, because I saw how much she was causing Vane to hurt, and that was just really not okay with me. BUT, just as I knew she would, she eventually came around and was better than ever.

Their relationship is brilliantly beautiful, and my only complaint was that they didn't get enough time together in this book (Even though they really did, but it's never enough really.).

I really loved Gus. I could relate to him many times, and I think he's a wonderful addition to this quirky little cast of characters.

The plot was... Very different. GOOD different, of course, but there were MANY twists that I WAS NOT expecting. All through the beginning, the middle, the end--it was all shocking and I finished this book not wanting it to end.

We learn much more about the wind (Which is TOTALLY fascinating!), the people, the story, and it all just gets so intense and great.

I can't imagine what wonderfulness we will find in the next book, but I CAN'T WAIT.

I have a deep rooted respect and love for Shannon Messenger and her books, and she most certainly didn't disappoint in LET THE STORM BREAK, but I already knew that.

I am positively DYING for the next book--especially after that ending! OMG. NO. WHOA. OMG."

(originally posted through my GoodReads.)

Let the Storm Break Fanart by me featuring a Vane-Pony with wings made of wind and complete with the Bat Man T-Shirt he wears! (Fanart, My Little Pony Style!):

(Can be seen on my DeviantArt.)

And last but not least, have a super 'mind-blowing' (Wind Pun.) photo of the beautiful Let the Storm Break, finished with some dramatic dust blowing in the breeze!:

(Can also be seen on my DeviantArt.)

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Thanks for reading, and don't forget to purchase your very own copy of Let the Storm Break by Shannon Messenger HERE!