Top Three Thursday--Favorite Ships

Okay, so let's all just pretend that it's not past midnight, and that it's still Thursday, because I mean to post this earlier but...

Happy Top Three Thursday!

*Obnoxious Party Horns*

Top Three Thursday is something I thought up while I was planning out my blog-posts for the next month, and basically it's where, every Thursday, I share a 'top three', whether it be book related, movie related, life related, ect.

And this Thursday's is favorite ships!

(No, not the kind that sail on the ocean.)

This is my favorite ships as in a couple that I ship together/think they were meant for each other/ love it when they're together/squeal the hardest for/explode over/ect, even if they may or may not exactly be canon. Favorite fictional pairing in books, of course, because if we were bringing TV shows into the mix, that would just be overwhelming. I'll save that for another Thursday, shall I?

Now, you have to understand how HARD of a question this is, considering I have SO many ships that I absolutely ADORE--and I have to only choose THREE? Oh the horror! Let's see how it goes!

  • Favorite Ship Number One: After much lamenting, I have finally decided my most favorite-ever pairing is Will and Tessa from the Infernal Devices. They are my definition of perfectly presh. I love their story and their characters together and I explode into little squealing bunnies anytime they're mentioned.

  • Favorite Ship Number Two: You knew it was coming--Leo and Calypso from the Heroes of Olympus. Out of all of the pairings in the Percy Jackson series (Yes, there is a LOT), Leo and Calypso are my all time favorite. Yes, even a bit more than Percy and Annabeth. *Dodges Bombs* But let me explain! Not that I don't ship Percy and Annabeth, and not that I don't think they are adorable and perfect and simply wonderful, but, come on, we've all been waiting FOREVER for Leo to fall in love! At least, I have. Leo is my favorite. I love Leo. There.

  • Favorite Ship Number Three: And last but certainly not least, Cress and Thorne from The Lunar Chronicles. This is my most recent ship, but I mean it when I say I fell hard for these two. Liking them together honestly surprised me, though, because I'd read a lot of Cress/Thorne hate after the release of CRESS last week, and decided to see for myself, and instantly died over them two. I haven't even finished reading CRESS yet, and already they are some of my favorite characters, and my favorite pairing, to ever be created. Most readers think that Thorne is completely out of Cress's league, and he would never fall in love with an innocent little girl like her, but am I the only one who thinks that just makes them MORE perfect? Go read the book and comment your opinion!
And now that my list is done, I need to wish you all a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY, for indeed it is already past midnight!

I hope you all have a wonderful day eating chocolate and falling in love with anything and everything in your life!

What is YOUR favorite fictional pairings from books? Do you ship any of the couples listed above? Why or why not?