Top Three Favorite Authors

Okay so hey I've been a pretty terrible Blogger recently but let's all just pretend that I've been following my own schedule perfectly and that i have nothing to be ashamed of and.

Well I've just been incredibly busy, alright?

I'm going through a lot of stuff, most of it insanely good (One of the 'stuffs' being my Grandparents are finally here, and also I just reached 100,000 words on my FORSAKEN draft which is officially the longest book I've written ever.), and some of it not so good (such as the fact I still have no new ideas for my next book series but we won't talk about that because it gets me a bit: *explodes*), and, as it naturally goes, Blogging was put to the side because I consider this sort of just a hobby until I can figure out how to properly balance it with everything else I need to do in my day.

So, anyway, today is Top Three Thursday, which means I get to tell you my top three favorites of a random subject! I choose...

Top Three Favorite Authors!

Oh, this is a hard one! If I like a book, chances are I LOVE the author, and, if you haven't already found out, I like a lot of books! I guess I'll do my best!

          This one was pretty easy, because she has been a personal favorite of mine for a LONG time.
          Why is she my favorite, you might ask? Because, she writes some of the stories I love most, and she's an exceptional writer. She's also a fabulous person who always makes me laugh, and always teaches me something. She's really just a wonderful person who just happens to write wonderful books!
          (I also met her in person and we basically talked for two solid hours and it was basically the best two hours like ever.)

         Okay, so let me explain to you a thing about Mr. James Riley, here.
         He is the funniest, most sarcastic author I have ever had the pleasure of stumbling upon. His books are witty and smart and brilliant, and the best part is that I would recognize his writing anywhere, because he himself is such a hilarious person. Just to give you a little take of what he's like, I firmly believe that if he and Rick Riordan were in a room together, it would be a legit question of who was the ultimate Sass-Master.
         (I haven't met James Riley and this greatly upsets me because seriously it's on my bucket list.)

         Ms. Leigh Bardugo is a very special author to me, and, you know, I'm not entirely certain why. 
         I mean, I know why--I follow her blog and I've read all of her books, and I've always just considered her one of my all time favorites without even picking it apart to find out the facts. Because I can't. Cause it's just literally the fact that I love her writing, and she's my favorite.The end.
        (I've met her and she's as awesome as she sounds. Seriously.)

See, now, looking at the three I chose, I'm still so conflicted. Because I have a huge amount of love for so many other brilliant authors. 

So much love, in fact, that I'm going to make a list of them all below and, if you feel you want to (which you should.), you may browse through and see some of my fabulous recommendations:

Cassandra Clare (Author of the Infernal Devices and the Mortal Instruments and more.)

Rick Riordan (Author of the Percy Jackson books and the Kane Chronicles.)

Jessica Brody (Author of the Unremembered books and more.)

Marissa Meyer  (Author of the Lunar Chronicles.)

Marissa Burt  (Author of the StoryBound books.)

Alexandra Bracken  (Author of the Darkest Minds books.)

Anna Banks  (Author of the Syrena Legacy.)

Soman Chainani  (Author of the School for Good and Evil.)

Cornelia Funke   (Author of the InkHeart books and more.)

Lisa McMann  (Author of the Unwanteds books and more,)

J.K. Rowling  (Author of the Harry Potter books.)

Brandon Mull (Author of the Beyonders books and more.)

Charles Dickens (Author of  A Tale of Two Cities and more.)

Anne Ursu (Author of the Real Boy and more.)

And I'm sure there are plenty more but my brain is a bit dead after listing all of those names and what-not!

Any of these Authors/Books sound interesting? Of course they do! Click on the Authors name to be taken to my chosen favorite books GoodReads page!

Have YOU heard of any of these books? Which one is your favorite? Why?

Thank for reading!