Google Search Can Only Answer So Many Things...

Personally, I am a huge fan of Google Search. As a writer, there are many things we need to research, and Google always had the answer. Like how quickly do you die after being shot in the heart? What are the different kinds of Puffer Fish? Is honey used to heal wounds?

But there comes a point when Google Search runs out of answers. When you are left to decide things for yourself.

I am facing one of those times.

You may have heard me complain about it before (A LOT), but I always said "oh I'll figure it out later", because that's the way things work for me. If I just let something be, chances are the question will be answered without effort.

But, this time, that doesn't seem to be the case.

My dilemma is, of course, which of my books I am going to publish first.

This isn't necessarily an immediate problem, considering publishing comes later after I turn sixteen but... I can't pretend I don't need to know now. Not only so that I can have a clear head about things, but also so that I know which book to pour my blood, sweat, and tears into first.

Option number one is my ATREA books. They were the first books I ever wrote when I was, like, eight, and since then I've started re-writing the first one considering, well, I hardly even knew how to spell correctly when I was eight.

I love my ATREA books with all my heart. They got me started in writing, and I had the most fun in the world with my characters there.

But option number two would be the Dragon Master books, and I am currently working on editing the first one, while also almost finished writing the third and final book.

These books are, obviously, better written because I started them a year or two ago. It's easy for me to tell myself I like these more then ATREA, but only because it's currently what I'm involved in, and I haven't visited ATREA since I had to stop re-writes this November.

So, it's obvious which one is the easier option--but is that the right option?

Am I meant to continue on the path of making my Dragon Master books more readable? Or should I dig deep and get to work on ATREA, that I may be proud of them, as well?

This question hasn't let me be for months now, and though I don't have to decide now, I'm on this constant circle of thoughts over and over again, and an answer doesn't seem to be in sight.

The problem is; this is one of those situations that, honestly, no one can help me in. It needs to be my decision--what I feel is right. I'm a very indecisive person, so this is horrible for me, but I am determined to keep praying and keep thinking, and I hope in the end I'll make the perfect decision!

Here's to hoping!

Do you have any tough decisions to make in your writing?