What a Day...

Hello beautiful people!

It's been awhile again, but I'm here to give a quick update on me, and basically how today went down.

So as you might know I've been having some issues with my heart--very confusing stuff, lots of long words, I dunno.

But I've been waiting for this appointment at Lebonheurs for a long time now, marking down the days with anxiety, dread, maybe a bit of curiosity. I'd never imaged I would go to such a place, and I was very actually calm about it. Calmer than I thought I would be, anyway.

So, living two hours away, I had to wake up ridiculously early and get there on time. Of course I read Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan the whole way there (I'm almost halfway through it!), and trying not to focus on anything at all.

We got there and HOLY CRAP that place is huge. Like, it was so great. There were rainbow colors that lit up as you walked down hallways and huge mosaic birds hanging from the ceiling and giant metallic flowers outside the windows. It was so distracting and pretty, their mission was accomplished--I simply couldn't focus on my nerves thanks to all of the colors!

At least, until we were waiting long after our scheduled time was gone and past and we still sat there. People came and went (some of the conversations we overheard, my GOODNESS), and a ton of adorable kids wandered around, along with some teenagers, including this one guy with incredibly beautiful bright blue eyes, but I'm getting off topic here.

We waited and waited and I was beginning to get shaky and cold and I had to pee like crazy, as per usual when I'm nervous. Ask anyone at the theater what I do right before a show. BATHROOM BREAK.

Finally we got called back there and of course mom came with me because I'm useless at talking and being a human being, and the nurse informed us that our appointment was pushed back because the doctor we were meeting got into a car wreck the day before. Oops. But she said she was more or less fine and that we would like her fill-in as well.

What a way to start the day.

Down halls, I got weighed, checked my height, all that stuff. Then we went into one of the rooms which ironically, had huge pictures of rubber ducks all around the walls.

It's like it was made for me.

Let me just tell you, I am getting real sick of Hospital gowns, but, alas, I seem to never be rid of them.

 They tried to get pictures of my heart, and had the hardest time ever (just as the person did the LAST time I had this done), and it took forever and was painful and I almost launched out of the room. Just. Nopenopenopenope.

Then they did another test, that I literally have no idea what it's even called, but I had also had this done before as well. It was a lot quicker and a lot less painful than the other test, thankfully.

So it's confirmed that I have an extra heartbeat where there shouldn't be one, and my heart is running too fast, but the Doctor said that this can sometimes happen in younger people and he has seen this before in his practice in other kids, and that perhaps it's nothing at all to worry about since there are two kinds of this and I could have the simple one or the complex one. One is treated with lifestyle choices, the other with meds.

There's only one way to tell for sure which type it is. I have to run for my life. Really.

We're scheduling a day to go back up there and have everybody force me onto a treadmill where they shall see whether the extra beat disappears, stays the same, or gets worse when I'm out of breath. Fun. The best thing for me is for it to disappear altogether! That means it's the simple, no-need-to-worry type of heart issues. If it stays the same or gets worse then that means I get to add a new pill to my daily routine!

Also, I am currently strapped up with wires and a blinking thing hooked to the hem of my pants that they gave me to wear for the next twenty four hours. Thank God I get to take it off tomorrow, because this thing is SO UNCOMFORTABLE AND WHEN I GET AN ITCH HA NO. THIS IS THE OPPOSITE OF FUN.

This is for them to check and see how often the extra beat is over a longer stretch of time, since the tests today showed that it was constant for nearly two hours running with it thumping an extra thump after every second heartbeat.

So, anyway, after we got through the tough part of the day, we got on the the even tougher part of the day:

Going to the mall.

Three hats, a skirt, some shorts, Kindom Hearts pillow case
from my wonderful mom and sister, some Fall perfume,
Kitty ears, box set of Death Note CDs, Big Hero Six shirt,
some Hello Kitty Pocky, little adorable Dumbo and
the wonderful Prince Hans.
I mean, being there wasn't tough at all. I spent way too much money but I regret nothing. It was a wonderful time, overall, but....




People and noises and PEOPLE made it tougher than it should be. I had to interact with WAY too many strangers, and I was floundering and nervous and felt like fleeing, but ugh whatever.

Especially this one guy who decided to drag me over to his stand, sit me down, and proceeded to curl my hair with his stupid flat iron to show us how WELL it worked. FOR ONLY 299 DOLLARS. HA OKAY DUDE.

Like literally it's a miracle we ever got out of that place.  He was persistent and no matter how many times we said no thanks he just kept right on talking.

There is a line between being a good salesmen and just being rude! We are not going to spend a ton of money on something that will potentially destroy my hair--as if I would take the time to use it anyway! I appreciate the simply style, and spending three hours curling my hair is NOT it.

Point is--no means no. Just say okay, dude. Stop.

And by the way, I think that when my hair starts SMOKING it's time to leave me the heck alone. I will murder you if you destroy my hair, guy.

I am not even remotely joking.

So that left me flustered and terrified the rest of the evening, being put on the spot and I felt like my face was going to burn off. Also I had a few random curls on one side because he said he wouldn't finish curling the rest unless we bought something. REALLY?

Okay guy. Whatever.

And, besides, your stupid curls fell out after I clawed at them for like thirty seconds. REALLY fine product you got there, especially after you claimed the curls would last for three days.



Anyway, today was overwhelming and great, if you can believe it.

I hope you're all having a great night, and I'll see you next time!